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Safety moment in Butare, Rwanda

We place the utmost priority on our commitment to protect the health and safety of all stakeholders and the quality of our enviroment. At CH2M, this is more than just a goal; it’s a way of work and life for everyone associated with the firm.

Our health, safety and environment (HSE) policy employs a management systems approach to ensure that everyone goes home safely, every day, on every job. We look out for each other through an intensive, ongoing focus on safety, well-being, security and environmental impacts, in the office, out in the field and at home.

CH2M’s HSE management system, branded as “Target Zero” for the aim of zero adverse incidents, injuries or environmental impacts, is based on the American National Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Target Zero is embedded in our training and operational protocols to continuously improve our safety performance in everything we do.

In 2016, we intensified our commitment to Target Zero with a “Safety 2.0” campaign. We chartered a Global Safety Discovery Team of operational supervisors and frontline advocates to improve our safety record to as strong or better than our best-performing clients. The team visited work sites to observe safety practices and identify improvements, and ultimately strengthened critical safety rules.

To reinforce our Target Zero culture, we published the Little Safety Book, a pocket-sized guide that summarizes our vision, philosophy and practices, while raising awareness about the most common workplace safety hazards. In addition, we published safety toolkits throughout the year to foster dialogue about the hazards and actions to avoid them. Each week focused on specific topics, including wellness tips, emergency preparedness, materials handling and safe lifting. In 2016 we performed nearly 5,000 ergonomics evaluations and addressed more than 1,500 concerns, eliminating ergonomic discomforts and injuries while enhancing productivity.

Recordable incidents

HSE training

Our environmental training program covers field and construction services, as well as stormwater, chemicals, waste, air, wetlands and natural and cultural resource management. All of our project managers are required to take an environmental program awareness course and participate in HSE courses throughout the year, ranging from hazardous waste remediation and construction site safety, to ergonomics and behavior-based loss prevention. Some of the courses are mandated for compliance with jurisdictional regulations, while others exceed minimum compliance requirements, providing increased development for employees, who completed 135,484 hours of HSE training in 2016.

Injury rates

The 2016 employee recordable incident rate (recordable incidents per 200,000 hours worked) for CH2M and affiliated companies was 0.34, which is 51 percent lower than the U.S. engineering industry average of 0.7 (based on 2015 data published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics for Engineering Services, North American Industry Classification System Code 541330).

CH2M’s lost-time incident rate, recorded for incidents resulting in days away or restricted duty per 200,000 hours worked by employees, was 0.15, 63 percent lower than the U.S. industry average of 0.4. CH2M experienced no occupational fatalities among employees or subcontractors in 2016. CH2M applies U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordkeeping standards in calculating global incident rates.

Employee recordables and lost time

2017 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report