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By measuring employee turnover and analyzing exit surveys across the company, we work hard to understand the fluctuations of turnover to better support our employees’ and company’s success. Acquisitions, changing demographics and changes to our target markets and geographies all play a part in turnover.

In 2016 our workforce decreased based on project work coming to an end, the company choosing to end operations in certain market sectors or reorganization. Two-thirds of this decrease was attributed to the low oil prices affecting our energy business.

While turnover rates in recent years primarily reflect the effects of weak energy markets, retirements and restructuring, our voluntary turnover rate for non-craft, full- and part-time employees declined by 2 percent in 2016, the lowest voluntary turnover rate recorded for this group in 4 years. For the entire workforce population, including craft and temporary-flex employees, we saw a 13 percent voluntary turnover rate for 2016.

Employee turnover

2017 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report