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CH2M invests resources to understand, manage and report on our energy use and carbon footprint. In 2011 we completed our first global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory to assess our company-wide carbon footprint for Scopes 1 and 2 and selected Scope 3 emissions. We have continued to calculate and document our global carbon emissions inventory annually since then. In addition to our global carbon emissions inventory, regional operations track and manage their energy use and emissions.


Global carbon emissions inventory

Using the World Resources Institute and the WBCSD’s GHG Protocol as guidance, we applied the operational control approach in defining our reporting boundaries. Operational control refers to the authority to develop and carry out the operating or HSE policies of an operation or a facility. Using this approach, our company accounts for 100 percent of emissions from operations for which we or our subsidiaries have operational control (including leased space and vehicles).

GHG scope

CH2M calculates emissions based on actual data, where available, and estimates emissions according to standard protocol guidelines where data are incomplete or unavailable. Conducting an inventory allows us to better understand emission sources and refine data collection processes. We anticipate continual enhancements as more staff become aware of the importance of keeping accurate data records for emission sources.

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