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Menzer Pehlivan, Ph.D.

Geotechnical Engineer

At CH2M, dreaming big starts with a desire to improve the communities where we work, live and play. Just ask Dr. Menzer Pehlivan, geotechnical engineer at CH2M and one of the stars of McGillivray Freeman’s new IMAX film, Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

“Whether it’s a wet-weather treatment station or an earthquake-resilient structure, as engineers our work helps make people’s lives better every day, and it’s very satisfying,” she said.

Menzer was 13 years old, living in the capital city of Ankara, Turkey, when the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake hit the country. Menzer’s family survived mostly unscathed, but their country had not. She was not content to process the tragedy through the eyes of a typical young teenager. She wanted answers. She wanted to help. And that’s how her civil engineering career began.

To help fulfill her dream of mitigating the effects of natural disasters, Menzer went on to study civil engineering where she examined the 1999 earthquake. One of the ASCE 2016 New Faces of Civil Engineering Professionals and 2017 President's Medal, Menzer loves solving real-time challenges and being involved with projects that improve people’s lives.