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Population growth, increasing demands for water and energy, reduced water supply reliability, climate uncertainty, extreme weather events, decline in critical ecosystems services, changing regulatory environments and the need for sustainable food security for our global population have created an increased need for integrated, scalable, system-level solutions.

CH2M is leading the development and implementation of fully integrated solutions to help our clients manage these kinds of complex environmental challenges, where active management of the built and natural components of the water cycle are key to water sustainability.

Our engineers, scientists and planners work with clients to improve the well-being of people by identifying solutions to manage risk, protect people and assets, meet regulatory requirements and offer long-term resilience against further variability and change.


As our world struggles with balancing water availability and demands, water pollution, competition for limited water resources and vulnerability to natural hazards, CH2M works with clients around the globe to better manage our world’s water resources and make our water systems more resilient to climate change – because we believe it’s important that communities have safe, reliable water infrastructure now and in the future.

  • Integrated water resource management
  • Climate risk and resilience
  • Natural infrastructure planning and design
  • Coastal planning and engineering 
  • Flood risk management
  • Watershed management 
  • Water quality management
  • Water supply services
  • Ecosystem planning and restoration 
  • Agricultural water services

Clients & Projects

Program Management

As the industry’s top-rated program management firm according to Engineering News-Record, CH2M serves clients faced with the challenge of delivering large water infrastructure programs. Through the disciplined, systematic orchestration of people, time, money and information, we deliver reduced costs, improved schedule performance, superior quality, risk sharing and staffing flexibility to help clients reach their strategic and operational goals.

flood management

Thames Estuary Asset Management Program

The Thames Barrier and associated defenses provide a high level of protection to central London and the more than 1 million people who live there. This project will help strengthen London’s flood defenses along the 170km (105 miles) Thames Estuary. CH2M is managing a strategic flood risk management plan to protect one of the world’s greatest cities from the sea by providing an adaptable, risk-based strategy including both structural and non-structural responses for managing tidal flood risk.  


Bringing a unique create innovative, integrated solutions that not only address the global water challenge, but also balance social, economic and environmental priorities.  


Colorado River Basin Supply and Demand Study

The Colorado River supplies water to agricultural, municipal and industrial users in the seven Colorado River Basin states, to Indian tribes along the River and to Mexico. Recent droughts, reduced snowpack and declining basin runoff demonstrate the variability and potential vulnerability of the system to changes in water supply. CH2M led a study to address the uncertainty in water supply and demands over the next 50 years and developed adaptation strategies to resolve the growing imbalances. 


California Department of Water Resources Central Valley Flood Planning

Preventing flood damages through a balanced combination of wise floodplain management, flood control structures, coordinated reservoir operations, ecosystem restoration and emergency preparedness is more cost effective than recovering from flood devastation. The largest flood management plan in California, California’s Department of Water Resources placed their trust in CH2M to update its Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, which will reduce flood risks throughout California’s Central Valley – protecting a million people and more than USD$90 billion in assets. 

New York City

New York City Department of Environmental Protection Wastewater Resiliency Plan

CH2M contributed to the New York City Wastewater Resiliency Plan, which was a groundbreaking study that identified and quantified the impacts of climate change and population growth on the city's sewer, drainage and wastewater systems. The resiliency study, which looked at asset-by-asset analysis of the risks of storm surge under future sea level rise scenarios, was the first-of-its kind to assess coastal flooding risks under future sea level conditions.

Construction Management and Design

Our construction managers use proven processes and tools to oversee the successful delivery of large programs and third-party construction management assignments within specified schedule and budget constraints.


Clayton County Natural Treatment Systems 

With populations growing, Clayton County turned to innovative water reuse alternatives to meet water supply demands. CH2M implemented constructed wetlands, demonstrating a total water management approach to recycling Clayton County’s treated wastewater – lowering the county’s need for additional reservoir storage and water withdrawals.