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A new addition to the London skyline and winner of the 2014 Structural Steel Design Award.

Expanding DCT Gdansk’s deepwater container terminal to maintain the region's competitive advantage.


Anand loves a good challenge. It’s why he gravitates towards his ever-fresh and varying work as a Bridge Engineer. “For a person like me who finds monotonous work intolerable,” said Anand, “there’s no better place to be at than CH2M.”

Alper is part Project Manager and part Philosopher. Using his own, custom blend of coaching and mentorship, he’s proud to provide his team with what he calls “a safe and inspiring work environment” to bring about incredible things for his clients in Saudi Arabia.

Feras is like a one man Riyadh welcoming committee. A proud Saudi national and equally enthusiastic CH2Mer, he loves helping expatriates adjust to their new role and country, enabling them to walk away from the office with everything that they need to be successful in their surroundings from the start.

Emma is concerned with the impact that climate change and increasing population have on local sewer systems – and especially the people who live and work in their midst.  

You might say that Katie is especially dedicated to the well-being of local communities and improving the environment. As an Environmental Consultant with degrees in Biological Sciences and Environmental Assessment, her goal is to help communities while preserving the legacy of the natural environment for generations to come.

Pete’s passion for people and the environment inspires him to protect communities in the UK from the potentially damaging effects of flooding from waterways.  He joined CH2M as a graduate in 2012, and currently works as a flood risk management engineer on the Rivers Team in London. Solving problems is at the heart of what Pete does, and in his role, he’s constantly working to improve the standards of protection from flooding for people, property and the environment. 

Transit is not just Susannah Kerr Adler’s career focus, it’s an integral part of her life. Playing in the world of urban architecture for almost three decades, she’s passionate about promoting sustainability, connecting communities and creating vibrant cities. A pioneer of her industry, she’s helped transit agencies and organizations, like the American Public Transportation Association, broaden their sustainability conversations to include state of good repair, social equity and potential environmental impacts.

Craving more challenges and greater opportunities, Ted Mekuria, Highway Section Operations Lead for our Los Angeles office, joined CH2M in 2007. Since making the jump from a firm of only 3,000 people nationwide, he’s embraced a variety of roles throughout his time at CH2M, including technical lead, task manager and project manager for a number of transportation projects, while also being actively involved in organizations that support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Peter Nicol currently serves as Global Director of Water at Jacobs and was formerly CH2M’s Global Water Business Group President where he had full profit and loss responsibility for the $1.4 billion global water business, including leading more than 5,000 water professionals, in 175 offices, in more than 50 countries worldwide. Under Peter’s leadership, CH2M solidified its brand as the global market leader in water and wastewater design work, and he continues to lead Jacobs’ industry-leading water efforts.  

As Highway Team Leader in our Warsaw, Poland office, Tomasz supports his team by providing senior-level technical expertise, managing resources and facilitating collaborative design while working with other teams and offices.  When I joined our company a few years ago, I was impressed with the resourcefulness, determination, and professionalism of each road team member. When you are working on projects with the complexity that ours have, it is having knowledgeable engineers and teamwork that allow us to face up to our daily challenges.

As one of our project managers based in Krakow, Grzegorz Serafin brings 18 years of experience in engineering projects to our Global Design Center. Grzegorz believes the best part of working at CH2M is the chance to be involved in various international projects for some of the largest companies in multiple locations across the globe. 

As the Project Delivery Lead, Dorota Zuchara leads the industrial department of our Global Design Centre in Krakow, Poland and connects the dots to communicate effectively with colleagues around the world. 

Nathan Corser is a Design Principal/Senior Architect who has been instrumental in radically enhancing the building design process in ways that bring unexpected value to clients. The traditional building design process cast the architect in the role of conceptualizing a design concept which would then be submitted to the client for critique and revision. This isolated and time-consuming approach often fueled discord and delay within project teams. Nathan specializes in unifying and streamlining this process for the benefit of all parties.

Rick is renowned for creating competitive, smart city solutions that are helping people achieve better lives around the world. An original thinker and industry icon, he is breaking new ground in developing large scale, renewable energy-based master plans, ecological industrial parks, destination attractions, mixed-use town centers, urban infill and sustainable new communities – each time delivering a unique and culturally significant sense of place with a huge value proposition.

Vinod is a driving force in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives throughout the eastern hemisphere. Vinod is our Water business group Geography Manager in India and South Asia and project developer and business development director for the Asia Pacific. He works closely with clients to understand community needs, issues and infrastructure challenges, developing innovative yet practical solutions to improve their immediate and future economic, social and environmental conditions.

Dr. Avinash (Avi) Patwardhan helps develop sustainable projects around the world. A Senior Technology Fellow and our Urban Environments & Sports Global Technology Director, Avi looks for ways to optimize the use of local natural resources and appropriate technologies to minimize our projects' carbon footprints. He does this by reaching across our organization to collaborate with experts in solid waste, renewable energy, solar energy, integrated water management and more – to develop a technology implementation roadmap.

With an impressive resume of accomplishments and over 30 years in wastewater treatment technology, Kim joined CH2M in 2003 where he has been an integral member of more project teams than he can count.

When speaking about his experience with Metrolinx, Richard says, The opportunity to be involved with the development of both the Metrolinx Rapid Transit Program and the development of the Metrolinx Rapid Transit organization has provided us with the opportunity to be associated with a fantastic success story. We are honored to support the largest public transit investment in Canadian history, alongside our valued client, Metrolinx.

"The Thames Tideway Tunnel will create a new foundation for London to continue to grow and be one of the world's most competitive cities. Once completed this project will have a transformational effect not only on the River Thames itself but also the way Londoners, and visitors to the city, use the river for generations to come. The legacy of the project is staggering and will mean London's sewerage system will be able to serve the city for at least the next 100 years."

An alternative financing and procurement expert at CH2M, Trevor Parker has spent amost three years working solely on the USD$5.5 billion Metrolinx Light Rail Transit Program in Toronto. He has many responsibilities but a singular focus: to help his client move this project forward while reducing their risk. He does this by collaborating with senior management at Metrolinx and negotiating with potential bidders to develop a commercial framework that all parties can agree on – not an easy task!

Shuki Einstein is the Global Director of Technology and Innovation at CH2M, helping to ignite a catalytic platform that will enable our clients to thrive through intense technological and sustainable collaboration. Big ideas, a sense of wonder and curiosity have been his trademark since youth, and 25 years of working in design and construction in the global built environment have shown him that it takes great teams and great clients to make dreams come true.

As a structural engineer, Mark Hipwell works with the Transportation team to help increase capacity and reduce congestion on U.K. motorways.

Jeff Rankin is CH2M’s Operations Lead for Transit Services and Senior Project Manager for Vehicles on the Metrolinx Rail Transit Program in Toronto. Jeff leads a team of Metrolinx and consultant staff working in a collaborative environment to advance unique and innovative technologies in transit design.

Andrew Boss is an engineering technologist who joined CH2M in 2014 to serve as deputy project manager for one of our signature transit programs – the Metrolinx Light Rail Transit Program.

Duyen started her journey with CH2M as a chemist and now, 25 years later, wears two hats as Regional Business Manager and Director of Sustainable Operations. “Because I love what I do, I do my best. It takes very special people to operate buildings, treatment plants, public works departments and so on,” says Duyen.

Greg McIntyre serves as president of CH2M’s State & Local Governments Client Sector. In this role, he leads the firm’s global business serving clients in cities, counties, states, local authorities and provinces in the areas of water, environment, transportation and social infrastructure.

Jan Walstrom serves as CH2M’s Senior Vice President and Operations Director for U.S. Civilian Agencies.

Thomas Pennella serves as the President of CH2M’s Industrial & Urban Environments business group. In this role, Thomas is responsible for supporting profitable growth of the Industrial & Advanced Technology and Urban Environments & Sports business operations. He is also a member of the firm's Board of Directors.