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Clients & Projects


One of the largest, most internationally significant projects in the world.

A new addition to the London skyline and winner of the 2014 Structural Steel Design Award.

Revitalizing river waterfront and urban neighborhoods in a nation’s capital.


Conceived to be a world-leading commercial and business center.


Developing dangerous and difficult 'sour' natural gas for a rapidly growing economy and population.

Expanding DCT Gdansk’s deepwater container terminal to maintain the region's competitive advantage.


Tomasz shares his love of economics with everyone he meets regardless of age or experience. It’s this level of passion that he brings into his work, seeking out ways to use his expertise to solve some of our Poland team’s toughest financial challenges.

Emma is concerned with the impact that climate change and increasing population have on local sewer systems – and especially the people who live and work in their midst.  

You might say that Katie is especially dedicated to the well-being of local communities and improving the environment. As an Environmental Consultant with degrees in Biological Sciences and Environmental Assessment, her goal is to help communities while preserving the legacy of the natural environment for generations to come.

Pete’s passion for people and the environment inspires him to protect communities in the UK from the potentially damaging effects of flooding from waterways.  He joined CH2M as a graduate in 2012, and currently works as a flood risk management engineer on the Rivers Team in London. Solving problems is at the heart of what Pete does, and in his role, he’s constantly working to improve the standards of protection from flooding for people, property and the environment. 

Craving more challenges and greater opportunities, Ted Mekuria, Highway Section Operations Lead for our Los Angeles office, joined CH2M in 2007. Since making the jump from a firm of only 3,000 people nationwide, he’s embraced a variety of roles throughout his time at CH2M, including technical lead, task manager and project manager for a number of transportation projects, while also being actively involved in organizations that support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Peter Nicol currently serves as Global Director of Water at Jacobs and was formerly CH2M’s Global Water Business Group President where he had full profit and loss responsibility for the $1.4 billion global water business, including leading more than 5,000 water professionals, in 175 offices, in more than 50 countries worldwide. Under Peter’s leadership, CH2M solidified its brand as the global market leader in water and wastewater design work, and he continues to lead Jacobs’ industry-leading water efforts.  

Nathan Corser is a Design Principal/Senior Architect who has been instrumental in radically enhancing the building design process in ways that bring unexpected value to clients. The traditional building design process cast the architect in the role of conceptualizing a design concept which would then be submitted to the client for critique and revision. This isolated and time-consuming approach often fueled discord and delay within project teams. Nathan specializes in unifying and streamlining this process for the benefit of all parties.

Rick is renowned for creating competitive, smart city solutions that are helping people achieve better lives around the world. An original thinker and industry icon, he is breaking new ground in developing large scale, renewable energy-based master plans, ecological industrial parks, destination attractions, mixed-use town centers, urban infill and sustainable new communities – each time delivering a unique and culturally significant sense of place with a huge value proposition.

Vinod is a driving force in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives throughout the eastern hemisphere. Vinod is our Water business group Geography Manager in India and South Asia and project developer and business development director for the Asia Pacific. He works closely with clients to understand community needs, issues and infrastructure challenges, developing innovative yet practical solutions to improve their immediate and future economic, social and environmental conditions.

Dr. Avinash (Avi) Patwardhan helps develop sustainable projects around the world. A Senior Technology Fellow and our Urban Environments & Sports Global Technology Director, Avi looks for ways to optimize the use of local natural resources and appropriate technologies to minimize our projects' carbon footprints. He does this by reaching across our organization to collaborate with experts in solid waste, renewable energy, solar energy, integrated water management and more – to develop a technology implementation roadmap.

A Wastewater Treatment Technology Fellow at CH2M, Bruce epitomizes technical excellence, breaking new ground in wastewater treatment year after year. His portfolio of industry firsts is driven by a deep desire to make cleaner, safer water more accessible and affordable for our clients, and in so doing, build a more sustainable and positive future for communities around the world.

As document coordinator for the DCT Gdansk project, an expansion of the largest deepwater container terminal in Poland and a huge economic achievement for both Poland and the Baltic region, Paulina is responsible for maintaining accurate project documentation and for providing transparent and timely communication between DCT Gdansk and CH2M team members in two locations.

Ozzie Gonzalez grew up with his feet firmly planted in two environments – winters in the massive tangle of urban Los Angeles and summers in the sun-drenched fields of rural Mexico. It’s only natural these two childhood influences led him to earn degrees in environmental science and architecture – he dreamed of blending the benefits of natural environments with built human habitats like cities. “It was very clear to me that nature does not stop because you pave a road through a piece of land,” he says.

Monty works every day to inspire the team he leads to be game changers, by unlocking new ways of looking at quality, sustainability, technology, regulatory compliance and asset management for our clients. Facing problems head-on is what Monty does daily, because with every challenge he sees many opportunities. Working with his team across the region, he helps clients find new solutions to old problems so that together they can lay the foundation for human progress. 

Greg McIntyre serves as president of CH2M’s State & Local Governments Client Sector. In this role, he leads the firm’s global business serving clients in cities, counties, states, local authorities and provinces in the areas of water, environment, transportation and social infrastructure.

Jan Walstrom serves as CH2M’s Senior Vice President and Operations Director for U.S. Civilian Agencies.

Bringing broad leadership experience and earnest management skills, Manuel Aguirre has gone from owning his own construction company to serving as Managing Director of CH2M’s Latin America region since 2009, holding a broad range of positions within CH2M and other engineering firms along the way. He was honored to be a board member of CH2M from 2010 to 2012.

Thomas Pennella serves as the President of CH2M’s Industrial & Urban Environments business group. In this role, Thomas is responsible for supporting profitable growth of the Industrial & Advanced Technology and Urban Environments & Sports business operations. He is also a member of the firm's Board of Directors.