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Maintaining DCT Gdansk's competitive advantage and supporting a growing economy.

Project Overview

DCT Gdansk is the only deepwater container terminal in the Baltic Sea able to serve the biggest container ships in the world.

Poland’s strategic location, combined with infrastructure, puts DCT Gdansk in the unique role of being the farthest gate for freight carriers serving the Central-Eastern European markets. To meet growing demands, DCT Gdansk is expanding its capacity and building a second terminal. With a passion for the complex and a ports legacy spanning more than a century, CH2M’s collaboration-hungry team makes for the perfect partner on this undertaking as contract engineer.


days a year the terminal must remain operational during construction


meters of additional quay in Terminal 2


TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) of handling capacity being added


TEU total handling capacity upon completion


Construction of Terminal Two is of strategic importance to us, and we decided to entrust the Contract Engineer’s role to CH2M thanks to their strong, global experience in maritime ports infrastructure. They provided a great team with both local and international experience who are working closely with the DCT team, providing us with high-quality deliverables, timely communication as well as expert advice. I’m glad we made this choice.

Maciek Kwiatkowski
CEO, DCT Gdańsk
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial rendering
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial rendering
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial rendering
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial rendering
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial photo
  • Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal aerial photo

What was involved?

Our international team, consisting of ports experts from the UK and coordination specialists from Poland, works seamlessly with DCT Gdansk’s team in a common office and construction site to achieve common goals. Together. As contract engineer, following DCT guidelines we prepared the tender process and are now overseeing the selected contractor through construction – with a focus on helping DCT Gdansk reach its goals by problem solving, staying on schedule and keeping the terminal operational throughout the expansion. 

aerial of DCT gdansk

Bringing the integrated design, project and construction management expertise that is critical for developing Poland’s largest infrastructure investment

Applying the depth and breadth of our U.K. ports experience, and sharing it with local junior staff, to build the country’s most important asset – the next generation of highly qualified engineers

Leveraging our Polish colleagues expertise delivering European Union-funded transportation projects to address complex funding requirements and the multidisciplinary character of the project

Combining the expertise of our collaborative, communicative and focused team, who makes remaining within budget and timeline constraints look easy

Community impact

As one of the busiest container terminals in the Baltic, this project is one of the key local investments defining growth in the Pomeranian region. Expanding DCT Gdansk is dictated by constantly increasing demand for intermodal container handling services, which contributes significantly to sustainable economic development. Thanks to this project, the city of Gdansk becomes a strategic place on the map of global intermodal connections, assuring steady flow of goods to growing populations in the region.

In Detail
Gdansk Deepwater Container Terminal rendering of port

DCT Gdansk: Advancing economic growth in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe

Expanding Poland’s only deepwater container terminal will result in new, larger carriers and significantly more goods transported via Gdansk

CH2M is providing contract engineer services for this EUR€90 million (USD$97 million) project aimed at expanding the existing, largest and fastest growing deepwater container terminal in Poland – DCT Gdansk. Its current handling capacity will be exceeded within the next two years as the demand for deepwater container service is constantly growing to meet consumer demands. Once completed in late 2016, the new terminal will increase DCT Gdansk’s handling capacity by 1.5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit), doubling its current capacity to 3 million TEU.

As contract engineer, we worked in close cooperation with the DCT Gdansk team right from the start in early 2014, preparing the tender process for contractor selection. Committed to a tight schedule and keeping our word, we tapped into our expert teammates from across the UK and Poland who worked long hours to deliver documentation in a timely manner. Their dedication, collaboration and experience solving similar big, complex challenges enabled DCT Gdansk to successfully select an experienced global contractor at a satisfactory price.

This complex project includes constructing 650 meters (2,133 feet) of additional quay adjacent to the shore 17 meters (56 feet) beneath the pier area. These parameters will allow DCT Gdansk to serve the largest container vessels in the world and encourage more freight lines to use their services.

As a hub supporting the sustainable economic development of the region, DCT Gdansk must remain operational throughout every stage of the project, providing plenty of opportunities for our detail-oriented, yet visionary team to work hand-in-hand with the investor and contractor to tailor solutions to day-to-day challenges. Our team is putting their superior coordination skills to work on this exciting engineering and operational challenge as the new terminal is constructed right next to the existing terminal, with its capacity filling up.

Representing the investor, our team makes sure that the contractor performs its duties in accordance with Polish and European Union (EU) regulations.The multidisciplinary character of the project requires tight coordination with all branches as we respond to questions both from the contractor and DCT Gdansk. This gives our team a multitude of opportunities to share their ports expertise and related experiences to assist DCT Gdansk in the decision making process.

With a 2016 completion date expected, our team is thrilled to be working on a project that is both helping our client achieve their goals and leaving such a lasting impact on the region they call home.