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Project Overview

Dramatically reducing journey times and adding an additional 10 percent rail-based capacity to London's transport network

Crossrail is just the kind of exciting, incredibly complex challenge we love.

Europe’s largest construction project, Crossrail, is a new, visionary railway linking London and its eastern and western suburbs. The 21st-century project is a key part of the city’s plan to strengthen its economy and provide faster, more convenient connections for its growing population for decades to come.

To make those connections, Crossrail is building a 73-mile railway, with 10 new stations and nearly 30 miles of new tunnels beneath central London, and that’s where CH2M’s expertise comes into play. As a key member of the Transcend Programme Partner team, we’re helping Crossrail fulfill its obligations to safely deliver the overall program on time, to the desired standard and within budget. At its peak, the project will employ over 10,000 workers at more than 40 worksites.

Building on this scale in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities is a daunting challenge, but we know that Crossrail’s positive impact on the greater London community will be equally monumental. When it opens in 2018, the new railway will bring an extra 1.5 million people within 45 minutes of London’s major employment centers, ease congestion, increase transport capacity and help the capital sustain its future as one of the world’s leading cities and global financial centers.

Key facts


percent capacity increase of London’s rail-based transport network. 


workers will be employed at more than 40 worksites throughout the course of the project.


million extra people will be located within 45 minutes of London’s major employment centers.


billion is the estimated amount that is benefiting the UK economy.


Crossrail is a renewal for London, a new set of heart and lungs for the City. Few people have yet to gauge just what a difference it’s going to make.

John Pelton
CH2M’s Strategic Projects Director for Crossrail and Director of the Programme Partner Transcend
  • TBM Elizabeth breaks through into Stepney Green cavern
  • Engineers on board the Crossrail tunnelling machine
  • TBM Victoria breaks through into Liverpool Street Station
  • Crossrail TBM at night

Meet the team

What was involved?

Proudly serving Crossrail as the Programme Delivery Partner and as Project Delivery Partner for the central tunnels.

Crossrail tunnel

With a legacy of successfully delivering UK rail projects, we are providing in-tune partnering with Crossrail and public authorities to achieve their most challenging, large-scale urban rail capital improvement projects.

Industry-leading delivery of people, time, money, and information to reduce costs, improve schedule and quality performance, minimize risks and provide staffing flexibility 

Leveraging our tunneling expertise, we are working as part of an integrated project delivery partner team, providing project management services for the delivery of Crossrail’s Western Tunnels.

We played a leading role in supporting Crossrail’s development of  a pioneering innovation program around collaboration, culture and capability in which more than 700 innovations have surfaced.

Crossrail is widely recognized as the first digital railway using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to reduce risk, lower costs and mitigate safety risks.

Community impact

CH2M has a proud history of supporting apprenticeship programs that fill skill gaps within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) sector and develop the next generation of British engineers. One of those apprentices is Ray Cantwell.

“Working since 2010 for CH2M on Crossrail's central tunnels section, I have experienced first-hand some of the monumental achievements and milestones the project has reached. The main opportunity it has given me is to be responsible for my own areas of work. Having ownership over the ground engineering has allowed me to excel and gain an advanced understanding of an extremely crucial element of tunneling works, which I can and will use on future projects. I believe the hard work and dedication I put in to my responsibilities while working as an apprentice has led others to have trust in me, giving me the opportunity to undertake the role I am currently in."

Ray Cantwell, apprentice, sits in the Crossrail tunnel
In Detail
Crossrail has eight tunnel boring machines operating nearly 24 hours under one of the world’s oldest and most populous cities, with little room for design and construction error.

Europe’s most significant construction project

Crossrail is among the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK and will fundamentally impact the way people travel around London.

Crossrail is among the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK. From improving journey times across London to easing congestion and offering better connections, it will fundamentally impact the way people travel around the capital.

When fully operational in 2019, Crossrail will increase London’s public transport network capacity by 10 percent, support regeneration across the capital, and bring an additional 1.5 million people within 45 minutes commuting distance of London’s key business districts.

The massive effort requires a cohesive group of delivery partners working together every day to complete the complex, visionary underground rail system. With work happening 24 hours a day, the slightest adjustment in design and construction plans must be managed and communicated fast and accurately for everyone to achieve the common mission.

Proudly helping to deliver this visionary project, CH2M is working with Crossrail Ltd. as an integrated and collaborative Programme Delivery Partner with the Transcend organization, which is managing and integrating all of the program. We also are a part of an integrated Project Delivery Partner team with Bechtel and Systra providing program management services for Crossrail’s central tunnel section between Westbourne Park in the west and Stratford and Plumstead in the east.

CH2M is proud to have been a member of the Crossrail integrated team that won the British Construction Industry (BCI) Programme Management Award in 2014.

CH2M is honored to be able to infuse our passion and expertise in program and project management to help Crossrail Ltd. transform London’s public rail network. We’re proud of our integrated teams working across disciplines to deliver this visionary infrastructure program.

Crossrail is a very technically challenging project. It’s about being able to continuously think, ‘Ok, how can we do this better than we did in the last project or the last underground rail system?