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Richard Williams

Global Practice Director

Across the table of elements, and around the world, CH2M is managing some of the most challenging nuclear waste streams at the world’s largest and most highly contaminated sites.  

Our experts are well-versed in each and every stage of managing nuclear waste from characterization, to packaging, to final disposal and everything in between.

That’s how we tackle our client’s biggest nuclear waste challenges and transform contaminated sites into safe places for the environment and communities to thrive. 

We support our clients’ toughest cleanup challenges through a unique and integrated nuclear waste management strategy.

We provide a comprehensive, definitive plan for cost-effective and compliant management of waste that also protects people and the environment.

  • Waste retrieval, characterization, treatment, packaging, transportation, and disposal
  • Waste disposition and compliance
  • Innovative waste stream minimization and packaging
  • Nuclear materials handling and processing operations
  • Spent fuel operation
  • Environmental cleanup and decommissioning operations
  • Design, construction and operation of low-level and mixed low-level waste disposal cells
  • Regulatory planning
  • Remote-handled, high-level waste handling

Clients & Projects

Program Management and Operations Management

We understand complex nuclear programs and the many facets that make them a success so your community and the environment can be transformed as quickly and efficiently as possible. As the No. 1 ranked Program Management firm, we get things done. Our experts thrive on managing complex nuclear programs, factoring in your unique issues, such as risk, contractual, technical, stakeholder/public involvement, safety, logistics, labor and scheduling. We are the partner of choice for clients around the globe with complex nuclear waste challneges. 


Hanford Plateau Remediation Contract

Safely performing one of the largest environmental protection programs in the world - since 2008, CH2M has managed the safe environmental cleanup of the Central Plateau at the Hanford Site in southeast Washington State.


Idaho Cleanup Project

By honoring commitments to stakeholders, reducing risks to people and communities, and relieving future generations of environmental and financial liabilities, this extraordinary cleanup program is helping the Idaho National Laboratory continue a critical research and development mission that began more than 63 years ago.


West Valley Decommissioning Phase 1

In the small, quaint town of West Valley, New York, CH2M works year-round against harsh and challenging conditions to successfully decommission a former high-level nuclear waste vitrification facility and protect the environment.