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Water Webinars

In the Know webinars

Many Approaches to One Water: Implementing Integrated Water Management Regionally

Many approaches to one water: Implementing integrated water management regionally.

In this webinar we will learn how two utilities – the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Las Virgenes Municipal Water District – are addressing very different water quality and water quantity challenges. These organizations demonstrate how water connects us and affects us all, and how integrated solutions require systems-based thinking and regional partnerships and collaboration.
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Leveraging Water Infrastructure Projects as a Catalyst for Urban Revitalization

urban revitalization

In this “In the kNOW” webinar, we will explore the role of water infrastructure projects as catalysts for urban revitalization, presenting a case for this transformative approach and sharing actual examples to highlight its successes to date, while defining remaining challenges.
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State-of-the-Art Water Supply Protection

water supply

In this webinar, you will learn how Clayton County Water Authority in Georgia, U.S., manages water quality in its indirect reuse reservoirs employing state-of-art water supply protection within an integrated water management program.
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Planning for Recovery: Maximizing the Value of Federal Stimulus Funding

Planning for recovery2

In this webinar, subject matter experts highlight details on the federal funding available and the opportunities to secure that funding to accomplish priority water and wastewater system needs.
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Water for Industry: Transformation Beyond COVID-19

water for industry webinar cover slide

In this panel discussion, we will explore three industrial markets that experienced major impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and have been transformed for the recovery and beyond: Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals, Data Centers and Forest Products.
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What You Need to Know About the Lead & Copper Rule Revision

Lead and Copper webinar cover

This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the key aspects of the EPA's Long-Term Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and discuss some of the tools for meeting compliance.
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Awareness and Vigilance Help Prevent Cyber-Tampering at Water Treatment Facilities


Cyber-tampering is on the rise. Awareness and vigilance can help thwart an attack. In this webinar our thought leaders share some initial steps water providers can take to protect their assets.
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Reservoirs Underpinning Civilization: Challenges and Solutions in Managing Reservoir Safety


In this webinar you’ll learn how two owners approach dam safety and how Jacobs is working with them, and around the globe, to manage risks and public safety of existing reservoirs through organizational awareness, surveillance programs, maintenance and periodic upgrades.
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The Critical Issues Facing the Water Sector


In this webinar, our panel of Water Association CEOs share their insights on what’s driving the water conversation in 2021 and how the industry is addressing the critical issues facing our sector.
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Potable Reuse: Nature Reuses Water Endlessly, Why Don't We?

Water reuse webinar slide cover

In this webinar you’ll learn why potable reuse is not only a safe solution, it is also a future-proof and environmentally friendly one.
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Urban Flooding: Driving Community Improvement Through Urban Flood Mitigation

Urban flood mitigation

This webinar examines the causes of urban flooding, the opportunities available from a proactive approach to mitigation and the importance of community engagement in understanding the problem and developing solutions.
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Hydrogen – A New Energy Solution for the Water Industry

Hydrogen webinar

With the global shift to clean energy growth, hydrogen can be part of the solution in our drive toward a decarbonized, sustainable future. Cost, however, remains a major barrier to adoption. In this webinar you’ll learn about case studies to explore whether using oxygen in wastewater treatment processes could create enough savings for the wastewater treatment plant to effectively subsidize the cost of hydrogen production and increase its commercial viability.
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From Risks to Resilience: International Perspectives on Holistic Climate Adaptation at a Time of Financial Challenge

Uptime elements

In this session, we will examine resilience and preparedness in the context of climate change, with a focus on investigating ‘undisclosed risks’ and the full range of short- and long-term climate risks, and a holistic asset management approach for addressing climate change.
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Wastewater Epidemiology: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wastewater testing for COVID-19

In this webinar you’ll learn how Jacobs is working around the globe to help track, analyze and address COVID-19. The topics covered include tracking COVID-19 in collection systems; modifying laboratory procedures for the virus; as well as closer look into the wastewater epidemiology for COVID-19.
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Digital Twins: Enabling Data-Driven Water Reclamation & Reuse Solutions

Julian SandinoJulian Sandino, Jacobs Wastewater Global Solutions Director, moderates the discussion.

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In our technology-driven world, digital representations of physical assets, processes and systems – better known as "digital twins" – are rapidly becoming a preferred practice across markets. In this webinar you’ll learn how Digital Twin solutions enable optimal use of resources allowing solutions to be investigated and tested without putting equipment, public health or the environment at risk.


AI for AI: How Artificial Intelligence and Technology Tools are Addressing Aging Infrastructure and Corrosion Control

Susan MoisioSusan Moisio, Jacobs Global Solutions Director – Conveyance and Storage, moderates the conversations.

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In this two-part webinar, we look at how new digital solutions are helping the industry better manage and maintain water infrastructure. Technology has replaced the proverbial “crystal ball” and is providing real-time maintenance predictions through more complete data, improved data consistency and faster data processing. Learn how Artificial Intelligence and digital innovations are being employed to enable more accurate management of these age-old issues.


One Water: An Integrated, Inclusive Approach to a Sustainable Water Future – July 14, 2020

Adam Hosking If we think differently about water and view all water as a valuable resource, we can work to tackle the issues that impact people and move beyond traditional silos to bring an integrated, inclusive approach to a sustainable water future for all.
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Adapting Smart Water Metering Implementation During COVID-19: June 25, 2020

Jaason EnglesmithJaason Englesmith, Global Technology Leader for Smart Metering at Jacobs, hosts a discussion about how Jacobs is adapting delivery of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects during COVID-19 and the recent success the City of Columbia has had keeping their field installations on-track with accommodations for social distancing and modifications to customer engagement.
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An Integrated Approach to Coastal City Flood Resilience: June 9, 2020

Susy TorrienteAdam Hosking, Jacobs Water Resources Global Solutions Director, and Susy Torriente, Global Leader for City Resilience, discuss the challenges coastal cities face in delivering a safe, affordable and resilient environment for their residents and economy.
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Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response: June 2, 2020

Adam HoskingAdam Hosking, Jacobs Water Resources Global Solutions Director, and some of the foremost industry experts focus on Water Utility Resiliency — from what it takes to plan and prepare for long-term issues such as climate change, to how to pivot planning and respond to unforeseen challenges such as
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PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector: May 12, 2020

Peter Nicol Join Peter Nicol, Jacobs Global Vice President, Global Director for Water, for this webinar focused on PFAS considerations in the water sector with a look at the latest information on sampling, analytical methods and best available treatment technologies for removing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water systems and wastewater applications.
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Water and Wastewater CIO Forum:
April 7, 2020

Raja Kadiyala Jacobs Digital Market Director Raja Kadiyala and a team of experts recently delivered a business continuity webinar in the wake of COVID-19 for the Water and Wastewater Chief Information Officer (CIO) Forum. The CIO Forum, which includes 40 of the larger water utilities in North America, was established to share solutions and best practices to help utilities navigate the digital landscape.
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