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Pavy is a cloud-based asset management platform that enables airports to make more strategic decisions on pavement investment. As a Software-as-a-Service offering, Pavy can be used by any airport around the world.

The challenge

Pavements are the single most critical asset at an airport but are extremely hard to manage. It is difficult to predict how pavements will behave in the future and to know what interventions are needed, when and where.

Our clients in the aviation industry need to be able to make the right decisions that will enable them to stay competitive and provide the best service and safety for their customers around the world.

This is where Pavy comes in.

Our solution

Pavy allows airports to harness the power of their data and connect engineering and finance teams to help balance costs, risk and performance. To generate focused reports and detailed visualizations, you simply:

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    Step 1: Upload PCI data
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    Step 2: Set parameters

    Adjust the input parameters

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    Step 3: Run models

    Run the model to predict the potential cost of the capital expenditure programme, based on acceptable risk thresholds.

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    Step 4: Generate interactive dashboards

    Generate interactive dashboards of optimized CapEx programmes and alternative investment scenarios.

Pavy by Jacobs

Pavy by Jacobs

Key benefits

  • Supports intelligent CapEx planning
  • Helps to prioritize critical interventions and compare alternative investment scenarios
  • Communicates your investment needs visually and intuitively
  • Helps to apply asset-management best-practice and access Jacobs domain expertise
  • Allows high-level scenario, portfolio and capital planning
  • Enables you to harness the power of your data
  • Empowers effective communication through visualization of key information

Key features

  • Interact with visual dashboards, maps and charts
  • Set input parameters to model your airfield
  • Assess investment needs against annual budgets
  • Estimate future airfield performance
  • Evaluate different treatment strategies
  • Build-in local knowledge to help shape CapEx plans
  • Export and share key outputs with your teams
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The asset management principles behind Pavy were originally conceived when Heathrow Airport commissioned a team of specialists at Jacobs to create a solution to manage their 4 million m2 of airfield pavement.

Jacobs designed the models and worked directly with industry leaders to develop Pavy as a way to manage airfield investment around the globe.

  • 30 %

    potential CapEx deferrals over 5 years identified by one client using Pavy models

  • £ 4 m

    additional investment secured by one client using Pavy models

  • 2 years

    deferred runway intervention opportunity highlighted by Pavy for one client

“We work every day to tackle our clients’ toughest challenges, and airfield asset management is a recurring issue in the aviation industry; even more so now, as operators look for more agile ways to manage their operations effectively in response to COVID-19. With Pavy, our new cloud-based platform, airports around the globe can better plan pavement investment and prioritize critical interventions.”

Donald Morrison

Donald Morrison

Jacobs People & Places Solutions Senior Vice President Europe and Digital Strategies

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