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Australian Education City

Delivering a highly sustainable major development precinct

Aerial rendering of Australian Education City

Located approximately 12 miles west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, this new master planned city – in what’s one of Australia’s fastest-growing municipalities – will help to fill a shortfall of high skilled professional employment in the area as well as manufacturing jobs as Australia transitions from traditional industries such as car manufacturing. The city will also provide a much-needed boost to community services and facilities including education, health and recreation services and facilities.

Once complete, the some $4 billion in planned infrastructure will house a projected population of 100,000 people, sustain at an expected 100,000 local jobs and attract tens of thousands of commuters each day. Jacobs is a strategic partner of the Australian Education City consortia developing an architectural urban design concept for the new city on the 412-hectare greenfield site encompassing 6 million m² GFA of educational, commercial and residential buildings, in addition to the design of key infrastructure assets.


American football-field-sized master plan (or 412 hectares)


international students will call the site's new university home


in infrastructure planned for delivery in just over 5 years


jobs created in education, research and development markets by 2050

Combining technology and smart planning to deliver better customer outcomes

Master plan aerial
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Jacobs is working alongside a developer client to create the long-range master plan for the new town on the outskirts of Melbourne. The 412-hectare project will be home to a new university with over 40,000 international students and a vibrant walkable central business district with commercial, residential, and community support facilities. The city is envisioned to be a world-class example of sustainability. It will have a direct connection to Melbourne’s extensive transit system; a network of trails, parks and accessible open space; and aggressive targets for energy use, water recycling and building performance.

To respond to the rapid schedule required by the State of Victoria, Jacobs is leveraging our global reach to provide in-house capability across the full range of planning, urban design, architecture and engineering disciplines. The team has developed a flexible planning framework that will support a long-term implementation horizon in response to market demand. The initial phase of development is planned for 2023 and will include university, community and commercial components of the program.

Jacobs worked with the lead investor and several technology partners (including IBM, Cisco and Honeywell) to develop a cognitive city strategy. This strategy provides a framework for development of smart services to the end users – such as residents, students workers and commercial customers – as well as recognizing the role that technology plays in enabling smart infrastructure solutions, which include a regenerative energy strategy and a “smart lake” that uses intelligent systems to manage water levels based on predictive weather data and use of below-ground aquifers.

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