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If/When Oct 20, 2020

Resilience: Not Business as Usual

Show Contributors: Bob Pragada, Chrissy Thom, Paul Thies


Much of today’s world is shaped by the impact of COVID-19, and pandemic response is operationalized into everything we do moving into the future. In this episode of If/When, we're joined by Bob Pragada, president and chief operating officer of Jacobs, and Chrissy Thom, Jacobs vice president, global solutions and technology. We discussed how Jacobs is shifting its business focus, operations and reimagined solutions to thrive through the path of COVID-19’s global pandemic.

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Episode notes

Bob Pragada, Jacobs president and chief operating officer, joined the company in 2006, holding several senior management positions over nine years. He returned to Jacobs in 2016 after serving as President and CEO of the Brock Group, one of the largest providers of industrial services in North America. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, he began his career in the Navy as a Civil Engineer Corps and Seabees officer, providing base engineering, construction and maintenance services and international contingency operations, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He also earned a Master of Science in engineering and management from Stanford University.

With a technical background in Biology, Jacobs Vice President, Global Solutions & Technology Chrissy Thom was always drawn to science as a means of service, the art of the possible in how we create a better world. As a leader, she focuses on serving and connecting with people and how we can ignite solutions that inspire. Key focus areas include: technical career development and leadership, inclusion and diversity, leveraging global connectivity, innovation, growth and sales, and delighting clients with excellent delivery experiences. With a variety of roles throughout her career, she has excelled at helping clients solve their toughest infrastructure problems by assimilating results across multi-disciplinary teams.