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Vinod Singh

Asia Pacific Vice President and Director

Joined CH2M
June 2004

Vinod is a driving force in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives throughout the eastern hemisphere.

Vinod is our Water business group Geography Manager in India and South Asia and project developer and business development director for the Asia Pacific. He works closely with clients to understand community needs, issues and infrastructure challenges, developing innovative yet practical solutions to improve their immediate and future economic, social and environmental conditions.

“The human standard of living has been improving, and the underpinning of that improvement is innovation, engineering and our urge to continue to change the status quo. If you look at what we did in Singapore to address flooding and water resources issues, for examplewe helped improve people’s lives without compromising the environment.” Vinod is referring to the innovative Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters program, where concrete drains and functional reservoirs metamorphosed into beautiful watercourses with lush landscapes and water features. Vinod served as a business development director and strategic advisor for the program, making sure the community’s needs were at the forefront of our solutions.

“We created Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park, which is dear to me because it's close to my home. I see people come and mingle in the park; the water bodies we engineered to manage stormwater are a focal point and the platform for families to spend quality time together.”

These days, Vinod is focused on big challenges in India, such as helping the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) develop its DMIC program, including the Shendra-Bidkin Smart City. CH2M’s selection for this program management role was based, in part, on the trust Vinod built with the DMICDC over the past four years delivering successful water projects for them.

“My CH2M colleagues and I helped DMICDC develop integrated water management plans for two cities. Our solutions addressed water quality, long-term reliability, environmental impacts, water equity, social impacts and cost. A sustainable water solution is a must for developing these two cities.”

Now, as our Client Account Manager for DMICDC, Vinod will be there at every step during the Shendra-Bidkin Smart City program, “taking the client’s temperature” as he puts it, to make sure their vision and goals are met by the program team.

Vinod has also helped Delhi Jal Board develop smart and practical solutions on the Delhi Interceptor Sewer Project. On this project, aimed at cleaning up the river Yamuna, he and his team adopted western solutions then customized them for Indian conditions. And as a partner with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, he was a leader in knowledge sharing and developing strategies and plans for recycling and reusing treated wastewater for various large cities. Similarly, he led and successfully delivered water sector reform plans and solutions to help Mauritius meet its next 50 years of water needs on a sustainable basis.

In his 25-year-long career, Vinod has held many roles such as technologist, project manager, project director and business development director for water, wastewater and city planning projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Oman and India.

He has been with CH2M for 11 years and says what he enjoys most is meeting people, working in the abstract and seeing ideas come to life. “When we develop a solution and it works, and it make peoples’ lives better, I take pride in that.”