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Shuki Einstein

Global Director of Technology and Innovation

Joined CH2M
June 1997

Shuki Einstein is the Global Director of Technology and Innovation at CH2M, helping to ignite a catalytic platform that will enable our clients to thrive through intense technological and sustainable collaboration. Big ideas, a sense of wonder and curiosity have been his trademark since youth, and 25 years of working in design and construction in the global built environment have shown him that it takes great teams and great clients to make dreams come true.

He shares, “When I was a child growing up in New York City, I used to stretch my small body to peek through the boards that surrounded skyscraper construction sites in my neighborhood – the hundreds of craft workers, the piles of construction materials, the dust, the noise, the energy! I knew that one day I’d be spending a lot of my time making BIG buildings. Forty years later, I continue to be enamored with the power of technical collaboration, when skilled individuals apply themselves to a vision bigger than themselves. As a child, I did not comprehend the complexity of the design and construction of a skyscraper, the crafts, the owners, the regulatory requirements, the engineers and architects, the welders, plumbers, electricians, etc. I did know that it took teamwork of a lot of people who knew what they were doing.

"Later in life, serving in a military combat unit at the age of 18 in the Israeli Defense Forces, I learned again about the power of teamwork, courage, trust and the diversity of backgrounds being united under one cause with training, skill and fearless leadership.”

While Shuki has served in many roles at CH2M in the past 18 years – first as a Design Architect, later as a Project Manager, followed by several global leadership positions – he says the one constant theme has been about connecting our collective skills to our clients’ biggest areas of need through a thought-provoking, imaginative and engaging collaborative process. Which is why he couldn’t be more excited about what is next for CH2M and our clients as we unite around our planet’s biggest challenges, combining subject matter expertise and unprecedented global diversity with our legacy passion to deliver creative solutions. Care to join him?