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Meet Paul Hendry

Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

Paul Hendry

Paul Hendry joined Jacobs in 2011 from a competitor and in his time at Jacobs he has been involved in many iconic projects across the globe where he wanted to “challenge the accepted” in how we planned and executed our HSE program, focusing on integrated risk and the wellbeing of the people at the sharp end who are delivering the project for all of our benefits.

As global Vice President for Health, Safety and Environment, Paul leverages his construction management experience and logic to drive the Jacobs BeyondZero culture and to create excellence by inspiring the organization to aim higher when we think about Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

In HSE People's list of Top Health & Safety Influencers 2021, Paul became the most nominated Health & Safety Influencer in history. He has also been nominated by Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP) alongside celebrities and politicians as the Most Influential Individual 2021 for creating sound health and safety cultures within the organization and industry.

After a large acquisition, Paul surveyed his 500 plus HSE team to find out how they were feeling about life in a Jacobs HSE team. A large percentage felt disconnected and vulnerable so, together with his leadership team, he tried to rectify this by flattening the structure and driving a one team approach where everyone could contribute. We live inclusion.

We do things right from when we bid for a project and through the entire lifecycle of the program or project. Paul has spearheaded a global HSE in Design program which seeks to embed an innovative way of thinking, resulting in safer, healthier and more sustainable solutions for our clients and their communities. 

He always says to his team, when you lie in bed at night thinking about work, wishing we did this or that, what is stopping you, go and do it. We can do anything!

Get to know Paul

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    lives we can touch by talking about mental health

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    children: Caitlin, Anna and Luke

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    he truly believes that we can get to zero accidents

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    knee operations from playing soccer (worth every second!)

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