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Leslie Sjobom

Joined CH2M
September 2008

Leslie is a Construction Engineer with extensive experience working in an integrated teaming environment. She is the glue behind the scenes, managing the multi-faceted efforts of numerous subcontractors and vendors on some of CH2M’s most important design-build wastewater treatment projects.

Leslie’s recent work on the innovative Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility was especially meaningful for her. A key objective was achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver certification for the project’s administration building. Though she had no prior experience with this process, she was tasked with managing it from a field perspective. Undaunted, Leslie was a quick study and even worked to become a LEED Green Associate. This experience has significantly deepened her environmental awareness, which she can now pay forward on her other projects. Leslie shares, “I’m proud to be making a positive impact on the communities we work in. When we develop and implement the technology necessary to improve water quality, we’re directly impacting the everyday lives of people in the area. It’s nice to be part of something like that.”

Leslie is also very proud of the level of quality and safety CH2M delivers on its at-risk projects. On the Agua Nueva project, one of the subcontractors she managed was a Small Business Enterprise with no experience working on a project of its size. Many of our standard CH2M practices were new to them, particularly our safety program. In short order, they grew to embrace our safety culture, even adopting its procedures on their personal weekend projects. As Leslie shares, “When we have an impact like that on even a single person, I call that a success.”

One of Leslie’s greatest passions is working collaboratively with our clients, approaching each project as if it were her own. Inspired by the sage words of Agua Nueva’s Quality Manager, she leads her teams to embrace the quality standards they would expect if they were buying a brand new custom house. It’s no wonder, then, that Pima County has achieved unprecedented success on its Agua Nueva project!

When asked what she most values about her role, Leslie shares that it’s the opportunity to work side by side with such great mentors at CH2M. “On Agua Nueva, we had an all-star team out there heading up each key aspect of the project (Commissioning, Project Controls, Safety, Quality, etc.). Each member of the team was dedicated to their role and took the time to mentor the staff around them; sharing their experiences and knowledge. It’s nearly impossible not to learn and develop in an environment like that!”

We’re proud to have people like Leslie at CH2M, people who seize opportunities to change the world, promote our intense client focus and radiate a passion for everything we do.