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Katie Born

Environmental Consultant

Joined CH2M
February 2002

You might say that Katie is especially dedicated to the well-being of local communities and improving the environment. As an Environmental Consultant with degrees in Biological Sciences and Environmental Assessment, her goal is to help communities while preserving the legacy of the natural environment for generations to come.

Katie joined CH2M in 2002. Since then, she’s served as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Manager, Project Manager and Project Delivery Lead on flood risk management, coastal, waterways, renewables and transportation projects providing environmental advice on a wide range of public and private sector projects across the UK. Currently, her focus is on managing the environmental impacts of our flood risk management projects for local authorities and government agencies in Scotland and England. “People are really affected by flooding, both mentally and physically,” she says. “Although flood defenses are built with the purpose of protecting areas from flooding, they might only be tested a few times a year, and so we need to remember that the community lives with the consequences of our decisions all year. We can also include some major benefits to the environment too.”

Katie says that the best part of her role is connecting with people – whether they’re her clients, colleagues or mentees. “I find that I learn a lot by bringing people together to solve difficult technical issues and helping others develop in their careers,” she says. Katie helped found and chair our Junior and Mid-Level Professional (JuMP) network in the UK, which supports staff development and networking, as well as advise her colleagues across the globe as they set up their own JuMP programmes – a role that she considers to be one of her biggest achievements at CH2M.

She mentions, “If you’re proactive, volunteer for projects and get yourself involved in what’s happening at CH2M, you’ll have so many opportunities for developing your career here on really worthwhile projects. And the support will be there for you to try different things that benefit both you and the business.”

We’re proud to have Katie at CH2M as she keeps people’s lives, and the earth on which they live, equally in her sights.

Locations worked
Swindon-United Kingdom
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