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Karolina Danko

Mechanical Engineer

Office Location
Joined CH2M
July 2010

As a mechanical engineer, Karolina Danko focuses her work on a vast amount of industrial projects, assuring the best possible production conditions in the largest and most advanced factories in the world.

During her time in CH2M, Karolina has had the opportunity to work on projects from all over the world. Multiple assignments in Asia and North America and engagement in projects for top brands let her learn from high-end specialists and gain priceless professional experience. It also gave Karolina a chance to work in multicultural environments and make international friends. As a part of CH2M’s team, Karolina became a LEED Green Associate and has worked on many environment-focused projects ever since. 

But what Karolina values the most are the people she works with, especially colleagues in her office in Krakow, Poland: 

Every day, I’m excited on the thought of meeting again my colleagues who create that unique, almost family-like atmosphere. We all work hard and face new challenges on a daily basis but when you’re surrounded with people who you know you can always count on, not only their professionalism, knowledge and extensive experience, but also their support, a good word and a joke that lightens the atmosphere, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable.

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