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Nathan Corser

Joined CH2M
January 2000

Nathan Corser is a Design Principal/Senior Architect who has been instrumental in radically enhancing the building design process in ways that bring unexpected value to clients. The traditional building design process cast the architect in the role of conceptualizing a design concept which would then be submitted to the client for critique and revision. This isolated and time-consuming approach often fueled discord and delay within project teams. Nathan specializes in unifying and streamlining this process for the benefit of all parties.

Contemporary design teams welcome the client and other stakeholders into a design team’s “inner circle,” according them respect and added “ownership” of the end result. Streamlined design methods allow spontaneous design ideas to be surfaced, displayed instantly on a screen, tested, and refined in real time.

But the design tools enable the mechanics of a collaborative approach. But the real heart of the process is the human interaction that invites, excites, and ignites the creative process. The consistently positive client feedback that Nathan has garnered using CH2M’s unique collaborative design method is the best evidence that it really is a better way to discover the best design solutions.

Commenting on the Sinnovate project, Nathan says,

For me this project was an inspiring example of how architecture can bring a sense of life to challenging environments. In a place where water is sparse, we simulated waves of water, expressed through many structural curves, and found other creative ways to translate the client’s vision using architectural elements.