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CH2M HILL Statement Regarding Use of Lift Liner Package System to Repair New Orleans Levees

CH2M HILL Statement Regarding Use of Lift Liner Package System to Repair New Orleans Levees

DENVER,08 September, 2005— CH2M HILL issued the following statement in response to heightened requests for information and technical specifications regarding its Lift Liner(TM) Package System, which the company provided the Corps of Engineers to dam breached levees in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina:

"CH2M HILL has fielded numerous inquiries following the transport of the Lift Liner Package System to the Corps of Engineers for use in repairing New Orleans levees damaged as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Jerry Long, CH2M HILL vice president and native of the New Orleans area, recognized that robust bags used ship radioactive soil would be highly effective in closing the levee breach. The corps emergency operations center agreed with Long's idea and requested that as many bags as possible be shipped to New Orleans. Over the last week, CH2M HILL, working with the Lift-Liner(TM) Vendor, MHF Logistical Solutions, sent more than 2,400 giant fabric bags to the Army Corps of Engineers to use as sandbags to close breaches in several New Orleans levees. The corps loaded each bag with up to 16,000 pounds of sand, then used helicopters to lower them into the breached section of the levee to help stop the flow of water into the city."

The Lift Liner Package System specifications are as follows:

  • 240-264 cubic foot volume capacity
  • 24,000 lbs. capacity
  • Loaded size 96" L x 88" W x 54" H
  • Woven and coated polypropylene fabric
  • Transported by rail, flatbed or dump truck/container/barge

CH2M HILL is currently engaged by FEMA to identify, operate, and manage temporary housing for more than 7,000 Hurricane Katrina victims in Alabama.

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