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We just turned 70!

“With the 70th anniversary of CH2M’s founding in 2016, I’m pleased to share this report on our performance and the remarkable future ahead. We’re building on an inspiring legacy: the time-tested culture and values instilled by founders Holly Cornell, Jim Howland, Burke Hayes and Fred Merryfield, and made stronger by like-minded partners and companies that joined us. It’s heartening to know that the culture and values embedded in the firm hold true in the experience of those who work with CH2M today—whether as employees, clients or partners—in the respectful, collaborative, entrepreneurial, compassionate and positive way we work.”

— Chairman and CEO Jacque Hinman

Check out our recently released 2015 Summary Annual Report on our new Investor Relations site! Join us in celebrating not only our 70th anniversary, but our inspiring legacy, our incredible turnaround in performance last year and our promising future ahead.

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