Q&A Sep 12, 2022

Expanding the Integrated Solutions Discussion: A Q&A with Steve Foran

Jacobs Managing Director, Future of Work for Foreseeable Steve Foran discusses the importance of providing integrated solutions at a global scale.

Q&A with  Steve Foran  Jacobs Managing Director, Future of Work for Foreseeable  Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

In this feature, Jacobs’ Managing Director, Future of Work Steve Foran shares how we identify and create opportunities for transformational change with our clients.

Let’s hear Steve’s perspective:

Steve, can you tell us about Jacobs’ Foreseeable solution and how does it fit our plans to boldly move the company forward?
Foreseeable is a platform that provides multiple entry points for an expanded conversation with our clients about Jacobs’ multi-disciplinary, integrated solutions at scale.

Our Foreseeable team connects our vast expert network and resources around the globe to provide focused solutions for client's challenges in the built environment. Through this platform, we are connecting with the other  initiatives driving the company forward.

We are driven to challenge traditional assumptions, identify and create opportunities for transformational change with our clients, and with our internal teams.

Entering the post-pandemic world, what do you think is the biggest risk our clients and communities face regarding NextGen Sustainability, Future of Work and Built Environment as a Service?

The biggest risk is not leveraging our finite resources in the most effective, efficient and equitable manner. We are faced with an immense environmental challenge on a planetary scale. We must be implementing solutions that have a transformational impact in our communities around the world.

What about Foreseeable made you say, “I want to do this as my career”?

I came to Jacobs because I thought I would have the opportunity to influence change at an impactful scale. Having the opportunity to work with so many incredibly talented individuals around the world, building expert teams to solve our clients’ global challenges is an exciting opportunity. Being able to leverage my skills and my passion as an integrator to connect internally with other markets and geographies, leverage existing relationships and forge ahead with newer, more innovative methods of working and implementing solutions – who would not want to do that?

“We are putting heavy emphasis on our digital and data-enabled solutions, to be sure that we are continuously bringing innovative technologies and fresh solutions to our clients.”

Steve Foran

Steve Foran

Jacobs Managing Director, Future of Work for Foreseeable

What advice would you give a young employee that wants to build a better world?

Think about the things that matter to you most –think about time spent with your friends, your family, yourself; think about the experiences that make you feel alive, feel inspired, that drive you to be better; think about the places where those experiences take place. Those are the places that need to be thoughtfully designed, constructed and cared for. That is the world that we are stewards of, and we need to think carefully about how we create and manage those places. My advice would be to take the above thoughts and connect with others to build a storybook of experience and use that to fuel your drive to do better.

What is your most proud career moment?

My most proud career moment was when I learned that we had been successful in being selected as one of the company’s growth initiatives. This is something that I have believed was possible for a huge part of my career and having the support and backing of Jacobs’ leadership is an honor and a privilege that I do not take lightly. Our team worked incredibly hard to get where we were, and we built upon the work of so many of our talented colleagues. We could not have gotten here without all their challenging work over the years, and it is my goal to make this wildly successful for all of us.

What is next for the Foreseeable team?

We are continuing to connect with our colleagues around the world, looking for opportunities to grow Jacobs’ solutions and build strong partnerships. With the roll-out of the Jacobs’ next three-year strategy, we are working closely with the our Market leadership to define how we can be a force-multiplier in bringing the strategy accelerators to market. We are also putting heavy emphasis on our digital and data-enabled solutions, to be sure that we are continuously bringing innovative technologies and fresh solutions to our clients. Solutions are focused on seeking efficiency and savings related to physical space, technology and organizational culture. Enabling the creation of more effective, efficient, sustainable and resilient cities and places.

What do you enjoy most about being part of #OurJacobs?

Working with our up-and-coming talent is the most exciting, invigorating part of working at Jacobs. When our interns transition to being full-time employees I feel most proud of the team around me. Seeing someone as talented, passionate, and energetic as our interns are, making the decision to become part of our team and start their career with Our Jacobs is an inspiring moment.

About the interviewee

Steve Foran

For over 25 years, Steve Foran has worked in real estate planning, design and construction industries across multiple markets and scales, providing leadership in portfolio strategy, master planning, facility planning and programming, and the development of sustainable strategies for a variety of private sector/corporate, higher education and government clients.

As Managing Director of Foreseeable Future of Work, he engages and collaborates to create solutions in the built environment, bringing insights and expertise from his career in business management, architecture, planning, real estate strategy, change management and technology consulting. In doing this, he creates teams with expertise from across Jacobs, integrating the diverse talents of architects, planners, landscape architects, engineers, real estate and economic consultants, designing programs and providing solutions at urban and regional scale around the world.

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