Q&A Sep 12, 2022

Becoming a Force Multiplier: A Q&A: with Scott Condra

We connected with Jacobs Global Growth Director for Foreseeable Scott Condra to discuss Jacobs’ new service offering Foreseeable and his plans for the future of this group.

Q&A with  Scott Condra  Jacobs Global Growth Director for Foreseeable  Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

In this feature, Jacobs’ Global Growth Director Scott Condra discusses the Foreseeable Solution and how Jacobs is a trusted advisor shaping the industry.

Let’s chat with Scott:

Scott, can you tell us about Jacobs’ Foreseeable solution and how does it fit our plans to boldly move the company forward?

Foreseeable is focused on helping clients address uncertainty and future challenges of an ever-changing world. From approaches to the changing world of work and building sustainability & system performance, business continuity and resiliency to using our diversity of expertise to reduce the defragmentation of project development, delivery and project funding. Foreseeable is aimed at being a “force-multiplier” for accelerating our growth in markets around the world by providing a forward-looking delivery experience through solutions-based services to new and existing clients while providing leadership to the organization in broadening our brand presence.

Entering the post-pandemic world, what do you think is the biggest risk our clients and communities face when it comes to NextGen Sustainability, Future of Place and Built Environment as a Service?

Our clients are looking for a trusted advisor who knows their business, the intrinsic challenges they face daily, where they are going and are industry invested in shaping long-term strategies. The current risks they face with partner fragmentation, interoperability, disconnected delivery, antiquated strategies and pressures on capital require a trusted advisor as a key partner.

What about Foreseeable made you say, “I want to do this as my career”?

Being a part of the leadership team for several start-ups, it has become a part of my DNA and a natural way of driving innovation and change throughout multiple industries. Business building and market expansion unleash the potential in all of us and as Jacobs moves more to being a solution-focused company, Foreseeable will participate as one of the tip-of-the-spear opportunities.

“The easy path is to stand on the sideline and be an observer or cynic. Jacobs offers a direct line into shaping the future of our world. Be the change you want to see.”

Scott Condra

Scott Condra

Jacobs Global Growth Director for Foreseeable

What advice would you give a young employee that wants to build a better world?

One of the exciting effects of the current generation entering the workforce is their passion to live in a better world than what they were given, and a genuine presence to be an active participant in resolving all challenges no matter the size. The easy path is to stand on the sideline and be an observer or cynic. Jacobs offers a direct line into shaping the future of our world. Be the change you want to see.

What is your most proud career moment?

There could be many to choose from as I reflect on a $1B innovation start-up, a $5B coffee company acquisition and calling on the largest Retailer in the world, however, I have always been one who lives and works in the present and as a result am most proud to be a participant in shaping Foreseeable and Jacobs as whole for the future.

What is next for the Foreseeable team?

As a key part of the Jacobs transformation story, we as part of Foreseeable are working closely with our clients to best understand their business and associated strategy so that we can help them solve their biggest challenges. This is manifesting itself in several current opportunities to exhibit our thought leadership through advisory and consulting to accelerate change within public and private clients. 

What do you enjoy most about being part of  #OurJacobs?

Exciting opportunities to challenge today and reinvent tomorrow in evolving and expanding markets that continue to deliver solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges and leading a global team that can be a multiplier of successful results across markets and geographies.

About the interviewee

Scott Condra

Scott Condra is the Global Growth Director for Jacobs' Foreseeable solution. A strong visionary and strategic leader with repeated success leading enterprise-wide initiatives, digital transformations, product management, optimizing data analytics, program management, driving automation and internal/external start-ups with a focus on productivity and user experience, Scott is well-respected for his broad technical expertise and unique ability to translate technology to business clients. He brings extensive experience directing cross-functional teams in the design and integration of leading-edge technology solutions and is  passionate about optimizing performance of organizations, building and energizing top-performing talent across multiple geographical locations, and ensuring world-class service to customers.

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