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Watch your back

Here are 8 tips for safe lifting.

Incidents involving material handling and ergonomics are some of the more common types of injuries we see at home and at work. As CH2M focuses our attention on reducing material handling and ergonomics risks and hazards this month, we invite you to join us. Our goal always is to maintain a safe work environment for our employees, clients and partners. To achieve it, we all need to work together.

Here are 8 tips for safe lifting

  1. Evaluate the load before you move or lift it. Lift a corner of the box to determine how heavy it feels.
  2. Know your personal lifting limitations and never lift more than 40lbs without getting help, using mechanical advantage, or formally evaluating how you can do it safely. Lift with your legs, and not with your back. And be sure to bend your knees.
  3. Dollies or carts are available in every office. 
  4. Make sure your path is clear before you start moving.
  5. Don’t block your view by having items stacked too high. Make more than one trip if you need to.
  6. Push a load, don’t pull it.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Did you know?

Many of us spend eight or more hours every day in front of a computer. Be aware of numbness or tingling in your arms, soreness in your back or general fatigue. You may think these aches and pains aren’t serious, but they could lead to medical problems. If you catch them early, issues can be more easily addressed and eliminated.

Frequent, short breaks help your brain and body stay productive throughout the day. Breaks improve your circulation, minimize the potential for discomfort, refresh your mind and replenish your energy reserves.

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