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3 career tips to take to heart

New graduates, listen up! Some of the most important lessons you might learn about the working world often come from the wisest, most experienced sources.

New graduates, listen up! Some of the most important lessons you might learn about the working world often come from the wisest, most experienced sources. 

Take Tim Boone, a long-serving operator, manager and team leader at CH2M. In his more than 35 years of work at the company, he’s faced some unique challenges and has had opportunities to work on some diverse projects. Tim's experiences have influenced who he’s become, what he believes in and how he approaches the world.

Tim shares some of the wisdom he’s picked up along the way as you start your professional journey.

1. Travel as much as possible.

Working in a foreign country broadened Tim’s perspective. “Find a way to travel, and if you can, work in a foreign country among people from another culture,” he says. “Working abroad gave me an opportunity to experience things I never imagined. It provided both personal and professional challenges—from being separated from my family, to overcoming language barriers, to increasing my vocabulary.”

2. Know that change is okay.

Tim has learned to be flexible in the face of change. “I’ve seen many changes during the course of my career,” he says. “Sometimes it feels like you don’t have much time to adapt to one thing before many others begin. Change requires us to spend extra time and effort in order to make these adjustments. Try not to be too much of a creature of habit and be confident enough to take leaps of faith to get the most out of your career and your life.”

3. Work for a company you believe in.

It should come as no surprise that Tim believes in CH2M, since he's spent three and a half decades working for the same company. “I take personal satisfaction in knowing that, for my generation, I’ve achieved something relatively rare by having worked more years of my life with the same organization than years of my life without it,” he muses. “So find a company that mirrors your values, goals and ethics. I take comfort in the feeling that I have done my part in trying to make the world a better place for those of us today and, more important, those of the future, like our kids and grandkids and grandkids’ kids. That’s a goal I know CH2M shares with me. And it’s part of the reason why I’ve spent my entire career with CH2M.”

Ready to work for a company you believe in too? Visit and learn how you can help us lay the foundation for human progress.

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