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Five perks of picking a facilities management partner

There are hundreds of benefits to outsourcing facilities management services, but let’s dive into the top five perks of picking the right facilities management partner.

It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to use an outsourcing strategy to achieve market leadership. And they do so by focusing on what they do best – their core business. Think about this: When you choose to purchase a computer, tablet or phone from Apple, you aren’t picking them because they know how to run a facility. You’re very likely buying from them because they offer cutting-edge technology for a specific use. See what we mean?

By partnering with a firm like CH2M, that provides a broad, global spectrum of self-performing facilities services and scalable engineering, environmental, operations and technical asset management services, companies can see improvements in productivity and save money!

There are hundreds of benefits to outsourcing facilities management services, but let’s dive into the top five perks of picking the right facilities management partner:

  1. Companies can focus on their core business

OK, so we’ve already mentioned this one. But think about it, most of today’s successful businesses have achieved their success by focusing on what they do well. Companies can focus on research and development, specific technologies, marketing and brand identity, distribution or manufacturing – the elements you consider the key aspect of your business.

  1.  Gain access to world-class facilities management capabilities

Take advantage of the skills, professionalism and years of experience from a service provider that has worked in multiple industries and hundreds of other global facility management programs. Benefit from what we know about handling facilities in your industry.

  1. Experienced, professional cost reduction expertise does not interfere with company operations

One common mistake in assessing cost savings is overlooking other soft costs of administering in-house facilities management. These costs include: human resources for current staff, information management and related software costs, back office functions such as accounting and legal/contract costs. An important element of outsourcing is bringing in a fresh set of eyes to review operations and execution, and implement strategies to reduce cost via productivity improvement. Find a firm that can match materials and resources to the job, and save money with national bulk-purchasing agreements.

CH2M is adept at creating thoughtful and pragmatic cost reduction programs that drive efficiencies and improved operability and reliability.

  1. Save money by switching your cost structure

An important cost reduction strategy is moving from your current fixed facilities cost structure to variable cost structure, provided by a strategic facilities partner in order to meet your facility needs. Your partner will be able to make resource and cost adjustments as markets vary, as well as provide scalable resources and specific expertise when needed. These scalable resources include various engineering disciplines, project management, energy management, sustainability and related environmental and permitting expertise.

  1. Find a partner who can grow with you

Listen closely when you’re selecting a facilities management partner, make sure they have the depth, scale and global reach capable of growing with you. Your partner should be with you every step of the way. As your market becomes more and more competitive, you’ll need a strategic partner who can take on more responsibilities, while you handle continuous growth. 

At CH2M we offer a broad, global spectrum of self-performing facilities services with numerous long-term strategic facilities partnerships that exemplify characteristics similar to those discussed here.

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