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Environment Agency recognizes TEAM2100 for coastal risk and resilience innovations

CH2M, TEAM2100 delivery partners receive Project Excellence Award in Innovation for its contribution to managing flood and coastal risk and building local resilience to flooding.

LONDON, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Environment Agency presented the Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 programme (TEAM2100) a Project Excellence Award in Innovation for its contribution to managing flood and coastal risk and building local resilience to flooding.

Innovation is core to all activities across TEAM2100, an integrated delivery team consisting of the Environment Agency, CH2M and Balfour Beatty. TEAM2100 is driving innovation at every stage of the asset lifecycle, and is set to deliver £100 million in efficiency savings over the 10-year programme.

The IDT's unique innovation forum and process to drive innovation from both the programme and project level, helped to identify over 127 innovations over the past two years, such as data management, drone technology, 3D augmented reality to safety applications, intelligent infrastructure and green infrastructure trials.

These innovations not only benefit the Thames Estuary, but also the wider flood coastal and risk management community. "The programme was recognised for how it has been set up to innovate with a systematic approach, and how the wide range of partners bring innovative approaches to the programme and take them back to transform their own businesses," said Andrew Pearce, TEAM2100 programme director and the Environment Agency executive manager and deputy director for asset management operations.

"The Environment Agency's collaborative and transparent approach to the TEAM2100 programme has enabled the whole team to align innovation efforts with the needs of the programme. With the confidence that comes from long-term commitments and using a collective innovation platform to test and drive new ideas, we have adopted some of the industry's latest technologies in understanding some of the Thames Estuary's oldest structures," added Bryan Harvey, CH2M Team2100 programme director.

Drone technology, an example of one of the latest technologies implemented on the programme, brought major improvements to the safety of inspections, enabling Team2100 to collect data in minutes that previously would have taken days or weeks. This not only increased efficiency, but also provided enhanced flood risk management for the environment and the many stakeholders that reside, work and enjoy life along the Thames Estuary.

Drone Surveying

TEAM2100 received the award at the Flood and Coast 2017 Conference in Telford, U.K., where TEAM2100 Design Lead Darren Milsom made a presentation to the judging panelists detailing innovations in asset management.

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