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CH2M-led team to manage and operate Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

DENVER, June 29, 2015 – CH2M is proud to announce that the Government of Canada has selected the CH2M-led Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA) consortium as the preferred bidder for the Government-owned Contractor-operated contract to manage and operate Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), currently a subsidiary of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL).

The CNEA team also includes Fluor, EnergySolutions, and SNC-Lavalin with named subcontractor, Rolls-Royce. The Canadian National Energy Alliance will operate Canada’s nuclear research and development laboratories, as well as have responsibility for the decommissioning and radioactive waste management of legacy materials accumulated during the more than 60 years of activity across 10 locations in Canada, including the Chalk River and Whiteshell facilities, the three prototype reactor sites, and the Laprade heavy water storage site.

“We are eager to support the Government of Canada in delivering on CNL’s waste and decommissioning responsibilities, supporting nuclear federal commitments and service customers of the Laboratories,” said Dyan Foss, Global Managing Director of CH2M’s Nuclear Sector.  “CH2M will be able to leverage its demonstrated experience in managing large, complex programs, nuclear decommissioning, and waste management in support of CNL’s primary missions while meeting safety, quality and cost objectives,” reiterated Ms. Foss.

CNEA was selected as the preferred bidder through a rigorous competitive procurement process that followed best practices in fairness and transparency. This announcement sets in motion the final steps in the restructuring of AECL by the Government of Canada. CNEA will assist the Government of Canada in bringing our private sector rigor and efficiency to CNL, while enhancing the strong CNL brand, reducing risks and containing costs for taxpayers.  The Government of Canada and CNEA will finalize the contract over the next few months.

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