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CH2M industrial water experts to share wastewater treatment findings and strategies at 2017 International Water Conference

Industrial water leaders from CH2M will share their expertise in the industrial water field at the 2017 International Water Conference on November 12 – 16 in Orlando, Florida.

Water scarcity, changing regulations, and the need for stricter water quality limits pose challenges to industrial facilities, which is why CH2M is working with clients to develop more effective industrial water and wastewater treatment strategies.

Industrial water leaders from CH2M will share their expertise in the industrial water field at the 2017 International Water Conference (IWC), hosted by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, November 12 – 16 in Orlando, Florida.

As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, this highly-technical conference presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in the field of industrial water, cutting across a range of industries, technologies and functional areas. The 2017 conference includes 22 technical sessions on major industry topics including flue gas desulfurization (FGD), ash pond wastewater management, coal combustion residuals (CCR), industrial water reuse, reverse osmosis and more.

CH2M provides comprehensive services from wastewater characterization and pilot testing through design and construction, commissioning and startup, and operations and maintenance, to address a facility’s lifecycle needs. With 70 years of wastewater engineering experience and deep understanding of power plant wastewater management and treatment, we’ve helped power industry clients prepare for wastewater compliance at a dozen power plants the last three years, and support compliance scheduling and permit negotiations. CH2M provides strategies and cost-effective solutions helping to ensure facilities have reliable water supplies and operate in compliance with current and future requirements.

CH2M industrial water leaders Chad Roby, P.E., and Krystal Perez, P.E., will be presenting on wastewater management and treatment for coal-fired power plants. Thomas Higgins Ph.D., P.E., will attend IWC as an Advisory Council member, and previous “Best of IWC” presenter for his work on the challenges of treating FGD wastewater for mercury and arsenic. Learn more about the IWC!

CH2M IWC Presentations

Tuesday, Nov. 14; 1:15 to 5:00pm (IWC 17-59)
Closing the Bottom Ash Loop – Pilot Testing Treatment and Reuse for FGD Makeup
Speaker: Chad Roby, CH2M, P.E., BCEE, Columbus, OH. Co-Authors: Robert Muehlenkamp, P.E., We Energies, Milwaukee, WI; Thomas Higgins, Ph.D., P.E., CH2M, Reston, VA

The 2015 Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs) ban discharge of ash transport water. However, ELGs allow use of transport water for FGD make-up water. We’ll present our test results on what impact ash transport water would have on FGD operations.

Wednesday, Nov. 15; 8:00am to 12:00pm (IWC 17-73)
FGD Technology Evaluation for Two Similar Power Plants Leads to Different Solutions
Speaker: Krystal Perez, P.E., CH2M, Bellevue, WA. Co-Authors: Robert Muehlenkamp, P.E., We Energies, Milwaukee, WI ; Thomas Higgins, Ph.D., P.E., CH2M, Reston, VA; Chad Roby, P.E., BCEE, CH2M, Columbus, OH; Christina Joiner, P.E., CH2M, Atlanta, GA

We Energies operates three similar coal-fired power plants with FGD wastewater characteristics that are very different in terms of flow and water quality. We’ll present on the design basis, FGD wastewater treatment technology evaluation, and associated costs and risks which demonstrate that despite the similarity, recommended technology for each plant was different.

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