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CH2M delivers integrated planning to support U.S. Marine Station in Japan

CH2M is providing a suite of interrelated planning services, as part of an overall plan to relocate and realign U.S. military resources in the region.

Located in Japan, the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni (MCASI) is a key military installation in the Pacific region. MCASI’s current population of approximately 9,500 is expected to expand to more than will 13,000 by 2018, as part of an overall plan to relocate and realign U.S. military resources in the region.

MCASI’s naming as the first Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) location in the region will also require more support personnel and facilities. To accommodate the changing mission and the influx of military personnel and dependents, the governments of Japan and the United States are in the process of investing more than $7 billion in the station’s runway, housing and support facilities.

Working closely with the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the MCASI Facilities Department Planning Division, CH2M is providing a suite of interrelated planning services to support these critical and expanding missions.

These planning services are focused on housing, stormwater and building mechanical systems, using an innovative approach that integrates planning and programming activities, with a team of multiple consulting firms and clients using a shared work platform. The shared platform encourages virtual and physical collaboration on planning components and tools across several projects – and aims to improve coordination of planning efforts across all program aspects.

The rapid development of new housing is expected to total more than 1,000 homes (single- and multi-family) and approximately 2,600 new dormitory rooms. The CH2M team is helping to develop plans for future housing construction, as well as maintenance, repair and demolition of some existing structures.

As new facilities are built and put into active use, CH2M is analyzing the function of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and developing recommendations to resolve any issues found. One notable HVAC challenge lies in protecting high-tech electronics from humidity in the region. CH2M recently completed testing and balancing analysis, with the goal of improving existing and future systems for more efficient function.

CH2M is also conducting detailed modeling and analysis of stormwater to inform design of a management system with the capacity needed for existing and future construction. Because MCASI is in a coastal setting between two rivers, the modeling also incorporates planning for severe storms and rising sea levels.

“Our model is looking at the existing system to see how it will react over time. We are looking for opportunities for more sustainable designs over a 50-year modeling time frame,” said Frank Smith, CH2M project manager.

The results and recommendations that emerge from the stormwater and HVAC analysis will be used to inform planning for future housing and other facilities, so these projects can be incorporated into the overall program for funding.

CH2M will soon be kicking off its next task, which is a post-occupancy survey of new dormitory buildings. These planning activities will help steer the development process and provide assurance that MCASI successfully meets their vision of “a resilient installation with a feel of home, known as the most desirable destination in the Far East.” 

CH2M is a leader in providing planning services to the private sector and national, local and state governments. As a full-service master planning team, the company provides expertise that crosses between planning, design, construction and operations of facilities and infrastructure. Learn more about CH2M’s Military and Federal Master Planning capabilities.

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