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20+ CH2M experts share experiences and knowledge on decommissioning & radioactive waste management at the Waste Management Symposia

Leading companies from around the industry including CH2M, gather at the world's largest and most prestigious radioactive waste management conference to share their insight, experience and best practices.

Who: CH2M and the industry's greatest leaders

What: 2017 Waste Management Symposia

Where: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

When: March 5-9, 2017

Why: Discuss recent developments and trends in the industry

CH2M will be attending the annual Waste Management Conference alongside thousands of individuals from around the world to discuss trends and developments in the nuclear waste management industry. WM is widely regarded as the premier international conference for radioactive waste management & disposal, packaging & transportation, decommissioning, site remediation and facility siting.

This year's theme is Building Global Trust in Decommissioning & Radioactive Waste Management. Featured sites throughout the week are Hanford (Tuesday), West Valley (Wednesday), and Portsmouth & Paducah (Thursday). We are proudly involved at all the featured sites.

How to find us?

CH2M is booth number 823, see the Waste Management floor plan to find us during the conference.

Our waste management work

CH2M has decommissioned and demolished reactor complexes, highly-radioactive nuclear facilities and highly radioactive hot cells around the world. CH2M is the nuclear operations contractor responsible for material handling and processing operations, spent fuel operations, facility operations and environmental cleanup and decommissioning for contaminated sites in the United States Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex and the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

How to find our thought leaders? 

CH2M has over 20 amazing individuals scheduled to speak at the Waste Management Symposia this year. They will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics related to the nuclear waste management industry from procurement strategies and managing transitions to packaging and transportation of radioactive materials and technologies for complex and comingled contaminants. Don't miss any of these fascinating and informational speeches from some of our best! View and print the speaker schedule here.

One of our many greatly anticipated speakers is Ty Blackford who will be speaking on March 7 about the featured US Department of Energy's Hanford Site. Ty, the President and CEO of CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company, will share recent project accomplishments and innovations at the site.

CHPRC Vice President, Tom Bratvold, will also be attending Waste Management and sharing his industry knowledge. Catch his speech on Thursday, March 9 to hear his update on demolition strategy and progress at Hanford's Plutonium Finishing Plant.

Mark Lesinski, the President and CEO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories will be speaking on Creating Sustainable Client-Contractor Partnerships to Improve Project Performance and Canadian GOCO Transition. Get excited for his speeches by watching Lesinski's TEDxPembroke video, focused on the current energy dilemma and the importance of nuclear energy while knocking down stereotypes of the industry.

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