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Rio Rancho educates more than 1,500 fourth graders about water conservation

The CH2M team that partners with the City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, educated more than 1,500 fourth graders during the annual Children’s Water Festival at the Santa Ana Star Center. The festival brought the community together through the use of fun and interactive educational demonstrations in order to introduce unfamiliar water management tools to present and future water users. 

“We are always trying to find new fun activities to use at the festival,” said Lynn Kronowit, administrative specialist at the City of Rio Rancho. “This year, children interacted with an enviroscape, which shows what happens when pollution gets into our water and aquifer.”

A dirty-to-drinkable model was also presented in order to show how water gets cleaned up by the time it reaches the aquifer. When the festival started seven years ago, it could only accommodate half of the fourth grade class. The program has been so popular that it has expanded and can now welcome the fourth grade classes from three school districts – Bernalillo Elementary, Placitas Elementary School and San Ysidro Elementary School District. 

Over the years, the successful event has led to a decrease of water consumption in the community and people are more aware of water conservation. After attending, children have gone home and educated their families about ways to conserve water, save money on their water bills and become more sustainable about their water usage.

Children at the Children’s Water Festival

Lynn added, “The event is a lot of work, but extremely rewarding, not only for our generation, but also for generations to come. Every drop saved helps the community.”

The Operations Management team operates and maintains Rio Rancho’s water and wastewater treatment plants serving a population of 88,000. In addition to managing the facilities’ operations and maintenance, CH2M actively participates in the community. Every year we organize a Share the Harvest event as well as participate in the annual Children’s Water Festival. 

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