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Cleaner Air in Cities - UK National Clean Air Day

Cities worldwide are implementing measures to address air pollution arising from transport emissions, and on 15 June 2017 the U.K. holds its first ever National Clean Air Day.

The effects of poor air quality on human health and the natural environment are widely understood, and addressing air pollution from transport emissions is now a priority for many cities across the globe. What they realize is, that if designed and implemented appropriately, the measures required to bring about cleaner air and a healthier environment can also support wider social and economic objectives. 

UK National Clean Air Day

Public awareness and engagement is crucial if cities are to develop and deliver their strategies effectively, and organizations like Global Action Plan (GAP) in the U.K. are supporting this mission. 

With support and backing from over 50 health institutions, bringing together a network of cities including Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Derby, Nottingham and Southampton, GAP is coordinating the U.K.’s first ever National Clean Air Day (NCAD) on 15 June. NCAD aims to improve public awareness of air pollution, and inspire people to take action and reduce their contribution to pollution levels. Collaboration with Cleaner Air for Scotland is also bringing the campaign to life in Scotland. 

Jacobs supports the National campaign, with several offices holding events on Clean Air Day to help raise awareness amongst colleagues. Some of the activities link with Bike Week, 10-18th June, which encourages people to rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as an alternative, sustainable way to get around. 

Jacobs is sponsoring and managing the Clean Air Day campaign in Greater Manchester on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester, who works closely with the Combined Authority of ten local authorities. Greater Manchester Clean Air Day will host a variety of events across schools, businesses, hospitals and the local community: engagement with more than 500 primary schools, with interactive workshops and a competition to create their own Clean Air Day advert; an eco-driver simulator and lung health check event; low emission vehicle promotion and e-bike displays; plus a variety of other events to provide information and advice. 

“The Greater Manchester Clean Air Day is all about encouraging everyone to think about air quality and how we can make simple changes in our everyday life which can help reduce air pollution and benefit the health of all our communities,” said Jacobs Project Manager Sarah Cowap. “The campaign encourages people to make a pledge and try small changes. By taking public transport or walking more often, car share or cycling, there are lots of things we can all do to improve air quality. Across communities, educators, government, technology, and industry alike, we all have a role to play in collaboratively delivering a solution.” 

Clean Air Zones

London has developed the world's first Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) planned for Central London; with a number of London Boroughs now subsequently developing proposals for Low Emissions Neighborhoods. Other large cities are expected to develop proposals for Clean Air Zones over the coming months. 

Jacobs is working with several major cities and authorities, notably London, Birmingham and Manchester, Highways England and Transport Scotland from both a technical and policy/strategy development perspective, to help them:

  • develop low emissions guidance and framework
  • assess existing issues 
  • explore measures 
  • develop air quality models 
  • take steps to improve air quality 
  • communicate key issues to the public and
  • implement engineering and technological solutions

as part of their longer-term development strategies. Jacobs is working with a range of clients to deliver air quality management and mitigation strategies. For more information please contact us.





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