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Will Automation of Project Management Re-Make the Mould?

APM, the Chartered body in the U.K. for the project profession, recently held its Project Management Conference in London. Over 500 project professionals attended the conference, sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight, which explored what the future holds for the profession. Attendees were challenged with how to ‘re-make the mould – transform, diversify, revolutionise’ to allow future projects to thrive. Building a world-class profession in a constantly changing world means challenging norms and thinking, breaking and then re-making the mould, reinventing project management for a new generation.  

Discussing automation of project management at the Conference, James Hampson, Jacobs Executive Director in the U.K., shared insight on where he saw new opportunities might arise, and the risks in relation to making it work.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not something that may happen in the future, it is already here now.  The companies that will succeed in the future, will be those who adapt quickest to this new way of working,” said Hampson.  “Whilst we don’t anticipate AI will entirely replace the role of the Project Manager (PM), it is very conceivable that a large number of existing tasks, currently being performed by the PM, will be made redundant through automation.  One impact of this change, will be the move away from the traditional PM being a good ‘all-rounder’, to  more of a specialist role, with greater emphasis on traits such as emotional intelligence and relationship management.” 

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