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Knowledge Sharing - Energy Efficiency in Petrochemical Facilities

Jacobs works closely with its clients providing strategic advice and connected solutions across multiple markets worldwide. Highly experienced in petrochemicals and in helping clients with their sustainable energy goals, this month Jacobs hosted a Petrochemical Energy Efficiency Improvement Seminar in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Given the current energy pricing environment and a governmental focus on energy efficiency, the seminar was designed to share Jacobs’ knowledge with clients who have an important role in energy efficiency in their organizations. 

Participants from 11 companies in the Al-Jubail area enjoyed a lively dialogue with Jacobs’ energy experts, Dr. Francisco Alanis, Simon Stanbridge and Erik de Heer who shared innovative solutions for energy reduction and sustainable energy performance at petrochemical facilities. Topics included KSA’s petrochemical energy balance and the need for energy efficiency, as well as case studies and presentations on CO2 capture and energy storage; energy efficiency implementation; and energy, capacity and reliability synergies. 

Mohammed Ali Hammad, Jacobs ZATE General Manager said: “We were excited to meet with a very interested and interactive audience and I must say that I personally learned from the seminar too. Our team looks forward to continuing the conversation about energy efficiency with our clients to help them increase the sustainability of their assets as well as lowering their energy costs.”

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