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Leading the Industry in Trenchless Technology

Jacobs National Trenchless Leader and geotechnical engineer Michelle Macauley was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) and is featured on the cover of the most recent Trenchless Today Magazine. Macauley is leading the industry with innovative solutions and has more than 20 years of geotechnical engineering experience with emphasis on trenchless design and construction.

Asked about the importance of this discipline, Macauley explains “Jacobs is dedicated to helping clients explore new and innovative underground infrastructure solutions for water, sanitary sewer and storm water projects. By using trenchless technologies, we are able to minimize environmental, cultural and social impacts associated with large open-cut excavations”

In addition to her vast experience and recent appointment to the NASTT Board of Directors, Macauley will represent Jacobs at NASTT’s upcoming international No-Dig conference in Washington D.C. She will present on the “Innovative Microtunnel Contracting for the King County Wastewater Treatment Division Fremont Siphon Replacement Project,” which features a project that replaced an aging wastewater system beneath the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle. The project builds upon King County's experience of previous regional trenchless projects and the development of contract language that offers protection against DSC claims.

Jacobs will also be represented by Jamey Wallace, who will co-present a paper that explains the importance and power of Design-Build delivery, and by Jim Harris, who has co-authored a paper titled “Asset management focused on small to mid-sized utility systems,” highlighting a new asset-management solution for small to mid-sized utilities.

The No Dig Conference will take place April 9-13, 2017.

Meet Jacobs’ trenchless technology experts from the Jacksonville, FL team: newly-appointed Director of NASTT Michelle Macauley with Daniel Hill, Christine Ellenberger, Jamey Wallace and Samantha Hanzel.  



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