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Doing it Justice – Breaking Barriers to Criminal Justice Transformation in the UK

Recently launched in the U.K., the “Doing it Justice: Breaking Barriers to Criminal Justice Transformation” report, is a high level review into alternative models for transforming the U.K. Criminal Justice System in a cost-effective, outcome-focused and locally-responsive manner.  The evidence-based review document identifies case study examples demonstrating practical and effective change and development models for building a transformed criminal justice system in the U.K.

Jacobs contributed a case study which explored new design concepts for prisons to provide facilities and operations better aimed at rehabilitation. The design concepts needed to reflect two key objectives: normalization of the prison environment to better help prisoners acclimatize on release, and incentivization of good behavior and the reduction in reoffending rates. Stakeholders from government, prison operators, security, construction and offenders were involved in preparing the report.

The report identified five interdependent building blocks for transformation that could deliver the type of whole system change required. These include co-commissioning and design of services to drive place-based transformation; and better use of digital technology and data analysis to support rehabilitation.

Led by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, the Rt. Hon Hazel Blears and Dr. Jon Bashford, the seven-month review is national in scope, but with a particular focus upon Greater Manchester where their Public Service Reform team has been closely engaged, along with other devolved areas.

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