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Jacobs’ Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 for England, Wales and Scotland

The World Economic Forum’s wide-reaching Global Gender Gap Report 2017 concluded that while all world regions record a narrower gender gap than they did 11 years ago, more efforts continue to be needed to accelerate progress more effectively. Looking at four key pillars (economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment), the report pointed out that closing the economic gender gap could become a key driver of a nation’s income growth and prosperity, as well as being essential to social progression.

While, two-thirds of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries have introduced new policies on pay equality since 2013, countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany and Sweden now require some employers to publish their gender pay gap annually. The gender pay gap (different from equal pay) measures the difference between the average (mean or median) male pay and the average female pay.

Indeed, the U.K. Government’s new regulations now require companies in England, Wales and Scotland, with more than 250 employees, to annually disclose their gender pay gap. The regulations aim to help companies understand if and why they have a pay gap and motivate them to drive real change and accelerate the timeline for progress.

Jacobs’ Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 (for England, Wales and Scotland) incorporates all our qualifying U.K. operating employing entities for both Jacobs and CH2M (acquired on 15 December 2017) as at 5 April 2017. The report recognizes some of the challenges in the industry and outlines Jacobs’ actions and commitments to improve the gender balance of our U.K. workforce.

Jacobs has focused on driving culture change, building strong connections through employee networks and driving programs to facilitate the business becoming an employer of choice.

The U.K. reporting supports our diversity and inclusion measures to achieve better outcomes across our organization. Embracing diversity in recruitment processes, providing a flexible and supportive working environment, and reviewing our promotion processes are some of our key areas of focus. This is underpinned by our strategy to influence the education and career decisions of the next generation and create opportunities to encourage new talent into the industry.

“We have a strong history of valuing diversity and inclusion, and reporting the gender pay gap for England, Wales and Scotland is an important step on a journey as a global organization,” says Jacobs Human Resources Senior Vice President Shelie Gustafson. “This year will see the introduction of a Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for our combined firms, to ensure that issues like the gender pay gap are understood and brought to the forefront for improvement.

“We are proud of our diversity and inclusion foundation and look forward to leading the way to actively address factors that contribute to a gender pay gap by elevating our focus and commitment to attracting, inspiring, retaining and developing diverse talent.”


Jacobs’ Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 (for England, Wales and Scotland)

Jacobs Recognized as Employer of Choice for Workplace Gender Equality

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