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To help city leaders meet the demands of growth and enhance quality of life for their urban constituents, CH2M has identified five keys to unlock the potential of great cities.

London's Big Ben

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CH2M’s exceptional skills and creativity play a role in advancing the quality of life in cities around the world. We help local and state governments advance the revitalization and development of their urban centers, from core infrastructure to new investments – and we’re even providing municipal services for two top five cities on the recent America’s 50 best cities to live in list.

We help cities compete for economic interests that create jobs, attract talent and cultivate opportunities for people to prosper. We engage with leaders and stakeholders to imagine and advance innovative and practical solutions that complement their communities’ unique strengths and turn challenges into opportunities.

Across a full spectrum of great-city services, we serve public- and private-sector clients who want to deliver the promise of growth, while ensuring resilient and sustainable communities. Our 5 Keys to Great Cities provide a comprehensive framework for local leaders to create and implement sustainable development strategies. In brief, the 5 keys are:

1. Capacity

The scope and scalability of essential infrastructure systems—water, sanitation, energy, transportation, housing and communication—to serve its population, accommodate growth, and promote wellness and quality of life for all.


Capacity in action - Crossrail

Dramatically reducing journey times in Europe's largest construction project.  

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of the world's population will live in cities by 2050


people will be within 45 minutes of central London thanks to London's Crossrail

2. Livability

The optimal mix of character, history, culture, public spaces, aesthetics and social services that make a city unique, safe, secure and welcoming to residents and visitors alike.


Livability in action - Anacostia

Revitalizing river waterfront and urban neighborhoods in a nation’s capital.

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District residents live within a 10-minute walk from the Anacostia River


miles of riverside trails for residents and visitors in D.C. and the state of Maryland to enjoy

3. Connectivity

The integration of digital and physical communication networks, data, smart technologies and processes to efficiently connect all community members and services in ways that enhance agility, collaboration, productivity, public health and safety.


Connectivity in action - Aurangabad Industrial Smart City

Promising India’s residents new pathways to economic vitality and vibrant urban living, with creative reconnection to its golden past.

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square km planned as a connected, competitive smart city


jobs to be created

4. Viability

The ability to attract diverse talent, interest and investment to stimulate sustained business and economic growth, including essential resources such as a skilled workforce, advanced industries, thriving commercial centers and innovation-incubating universities and technologies.


Viability in action - Centennial, Colorado

A collaborative partnership, working together to provide efficient and innovative services to the community.

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average miles per plow nearly two times the average of adjacent jurisdictions


people are better connected to their city

5. Resiliency

The planning and development of resilient infrastructure and systems that enable communities to prepare for and manage impacts from extreme weather, climate change events and other hazards.

Rockaway Boardwalk

Resiliency in action - Rockaway Boardwalk Redevelopment & Storm Resiliency

Helping this Queens community recover their “Main Street”after Superstorm Sandy.

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length of replacement boardwalk along the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. 


elevation of the boardwalk above the FEMA 100-year floodplain. 

World-class communities

Each year on October 31, we celebrate World Cities Day. World Cities Day, created by the United Nations in 2014, promotes awareness of global urbanization and pushes forward cooperation among countries in addressing the challenges of urbanization and contributing to sustainable development.

We proudly support great cities and communities around the globe driving the forefront of the urban movement:

  • London is delivering visionary public transport programs like Crossrail which will bring an extra 1.5 million people to within 45 minutes of the city center, boosting the U.K. economy by £211 billion and creating up to 180,000 jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships.
  • The Rocky Mountain state is reaching new heights in its capital city – Denver – and beyond by developing resilient, attractive communities through capacity-building roadway studies, city management and water reuse initiatives, and imagining and designing new infrastructure across the spectrum.
  • Multifaceted programs in Singapore and Malaysia are providing rapid-transit mobility and sustainable water services to meet the needs of a growing population, and creating community gathering points and recreational spaces for people to enjoy.
  • The most-populated city in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai – opened a 16-mile waterway connecting Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf to add new vibrancy to Dubai’s ultramodern cityscape as a centerpiece for a host of new residential and recreational developments.