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Providing proven design resources, design and construction quality, cost and schedule from a single point of responsibility

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From proven preconstruction and estimating, and complete at-risk construction delivery professionals to document and quality control, commercial/project controls and startup, commissioning and operations experts, we've got nearly 20 years in the design-build space and have delivered nearly 530 delivered projects. 


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We are one of the few firms in the industry that provides engineering and management services across the entire water cycle, including water resources and ecosystem management, water treatment, conveyance and collection, wastewater treatment and reuse and digital water solutions. Our local presence around the world enables a deep understanding of community and stakeholder needs, as we bring the right mix of technical, regulatory and business expertise to our delivery solutions.

Our clients benefit from our unique, integrated delivery platforms, which include consulting, program management, construction management, asset and operations management and facilities services and design-build.

Featured Water Solution: Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility

Key Facts


million in cost savings for the County delivered through design and delivery strategies


reduction in Agua Nueva's footprint with innovative design

Agua Nueva clairfier

Working hand-in-hand with Pima County Regional Water Reclamation Department, our integrated team of engineers, builders and operators delivered pioneering wastewater treatment solutions — setting a new standard for delivering critical infrastructure with the Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility.

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