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Nuclear Lifecycle
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Operational Support

Keeping plants running smoothly

Magnox HERO
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Nuclear power is one of the most regulated industries, demanding the highest standards in safety, security and environmental management.

We help our clients interpret regulations, investigate practical environmental options and implement benchmarking. Our bold thinkers challenge and innovate across diverse projects to improve operational performance and extend the life of nuclear power plants.

With our comprehensive knowledge of reactor technology, regulatory requirements and the management of aging plants, we bring a thoughtful and collaborative approach to support programs – finding new ways to deliver plant life extension and tackle emerging challenges.

When fleet critical issues arise for reactor operators, we have the capability to diagnose the problem accurately, conceptualize the solution, design and manufacture the necessary equipment, and then deploy a team to plan and implement major engineering change.

In Action: Nuclear Power Plant Life Extension


EDF nuclear stations generate around a sixth of all the power used in the U.K.


years we’ve supported the U.K.’s nuclear power fleet

EDF Energy’s Sizewell B Turbine Hall

We’ve supported the U.K.’s nuclear power fleet for more than 50 years, working with operators like EDF, which owns and operates an existing fleet of eight nuclear power stations across the U.K. Around a sixth of the U.K.'s electricity is generated by this fleet, helping power homes and businesses, and EDF leads a challenging program to optimize and extend the fleet’s safe lifetimeto continue providing much needed low carbon electricity.  

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Photo Courtesy of EDF