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At Jacobs, we help prepare people for new opportunities and challenges in their careers. With positions at every level, openings in multiple disciplines, expertise in a range of markets and offices around the globe, we create an environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive.

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Go anywhere. Meet a few people who've taken advantage of multiple opportunities to expand their careers at Jacobs.

When Flo M. interviewed with Jacobs in 1980, she noticed something different about the company.

"It felt open-ended. There was more opportunity to learn faster and work on different types of projects."

Her first impression proved to be true. Her personal drive to understand how different parts of the business are connected coupled with a culture of support has helped her thrive in multiple roles during her career.

  • 1980
    Starts as a Process Engineer with Jacobs. A chemical engineering major, she's one of the first female engineering graduates recruited out of college.
  • 1984
    Leads her first polypropylene project. Her exposure to multiple aspects of the business broadens the range of roles she's interested in pursuing.
  • 1992
    Oversees Total Quality Management Program for 850-person engineering office. She begins to explore leadership and management opportunities.
  • 2002-2008
    Develops and runs Jacobs' business alliance with Coors Brewing Company. Gains deeper appreciation for the value of being client-focused.
  • 2011
    Becomes Vice President of Global Alliances. Leverages her experiences to partner with clients across all industries Jacobs serves.
  • 2013
    Moves to Australia to become Vice President, Sales & Operations Integration. Uses her experience and network to help organize, plan, and implement the integration of a newly acquired 7,000- person firm.

"Jacobs attracted me because of their core values of safety and relationships among their teams and with their clients."

Daryl came to Jacobs after graduating with a chemical engineering degree, and is part of a graduate program that will equip him with the skills and experience to obtain U.K. Chartered Engineer status in the coming years. His education includes intern and work-study programs in process engineering for petrochemical, chemicals, and refining clients, including a stint at a rum distillery in his home country of Barbados. Daryl is seeking a career path toward a senior leadership position in Jacobs. He aims to work in as many different markets as possible. In his spare time, he enjoys sports and playing double bass in the Reading Symphony Orchestra.

  • Mining & Minerals
    As part of the Jacobs U.K. team working on a $7 billion phosphate mining project in Saudi Arabia, Daryl is involved in the hydraulic design of utilities for the chemical processing plants and in executing safety reviews of utility systems.
  • Refining
    Daryl's chemical engineering interests are well suited for his assignment on a $240 million rejuvenation project for an aging terminal on the east coast of England that processes North Sea gas, which is vital to the country's energy security. On this project, he executes a wide variety of safety reviews to ensure the safe operation of the facility. He also supports the project management team on site.
  • Oil & Gas
    Daryl's main interest are coalescing on designing health and safety processes for upstream oil and gas production projects. He particularly intends to explore opportunities in this market in his home in the Caribbean basin. "I'm watching for opportunities to break in that. When a Caribbean project comes up, I'm their guy."
  • Multi-Industry
    Jacobs Future Network Global Committee: Daryl participates on the leader panel of this Jacob's committee, which helps professionals with fewer than five years' experience make network connections that will further their careers, and identifies future leads for the company. He leads a local group in the Reading office and helps start-up other groups across the U.K., which exposes him to a breadth of opportunity at Jacobs. "I want to see which markets interest me most and get a broad range of experiences. Jacobs offers so many options, it's enough to last for a long career.".

Go anywhere. Meet a few people who've taken advantage of multiple opportunities to expand their careers at Jacobs.

"This company will give you an opportunity if you're willing to step up. I have 'helium-hand' disease, which means I volunteer for everything. That's done amazing things for my career at Jacobs."

  • Meteorology
    Helium Hand #1: With his career sites focused on atmospheric computer simulation, Kelley goes to work for Sverdrup doing exactly that, with a few engineering analysis techniques thrown into his models. Six years later, Jacobs acquires Sverdrup, and Kelley volunteers to apply his computer modeling skills to an engineering project management assignment. Computer modeling wins his interest more than predicting weather.
  • Teamwork
    Helium Hand #2: Shortly after joining the company, a big contract with NASA goes up for re-bid. He and five other engineers and managers volunteer to craft a proposal in skunkworks fashion over several months, which wins part of the new work. "I'll never forget those guys. It made me realize how much we're in this together. Everything we do at Jacobs is a team effort."
  • Modeling
    Helium Hand #3: After Jacobs sends Kelley through extensive process improvement training, he volunteers his skills to a team looking for efficiencies in project management processes in variable engineering environments. He helps model and design a web-based distributed work environment, which is an integral part of Jacobs' engineering process improvement efforts.
  • Leading
    Drafted #1: When the U.S. Department of Defense puts a half-billion-dollar contract up for bid for a specialized combat ship package, Jacobs taps Kelley to lead the effort, and they win. "That's when I left most of the technical work behind and made a dramatic change into task lead on a big project."
  • Process Appraising
    Helium Hands #4 and #5: Kelley volunteers to be on a companywide process appraisal team, which awards more low grades than top managers want to tolerate. He volunteers again to solve the biggest problems by modeling best practices and training managers. "I moved from being a manager to being a director. All because I volunteered to do the hardest jobs."
  • Safety
    Helium Hand #6: Kelley volunteers yet again to design and model the safety process for the Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services Group, which supports the U.S. Department of Defense. Now he works to improve safety processes for field personnel. "We have people working with enormous tools and high voltage—things that'll kill you if you don't do them right. I make sure we do them right."
  • Wider Service
    Helium Hand or Drafted #X: He's not yet been cured of raising his helium hand to volunteer for almost anything, and he hopes to serve in a more regional role as soon as the opportunities arrive. "As long as you're willing to volunteer to do things others think is hard or impossible, and you give it your best, this company will reward you."

Go anywhere. Meet a few people who've taken advantage of multiple opportunities to expand their careers at Jacobs.

"I believe there's a growing revolution in engineering that involves designing, building, and maintaining everything with less environmental impact. I want to live and work internationally on that revolution, and Jacobs is engaged in that all over the world."

Fresh with a master's degree in international business, Rachel hoped to head overseas after graduation. But as she awaited an opportunity, she took a temp-to-perm job for Jacobs as an administrative assistant. Ten years later, she's months from earning her professional engineering license as a mechanical engineer, specializing in energy and environment. She's poised to reach for her international goals in the near future.

  • Admin
    Rachel begins with Jacobs in an administrative role in Washington, D.C., but she shows so much interest in architecture and engineering, she learns the role of project engineer. The project she's working on, a $65 million renovation of a federal headquarters building, takes a dramatic turn when a torrential downpour floods the basement and sub-basement, adding an unexpected $25 million one-year contract to the original job. "That was my first experience with the extreme effects of environment on a structure," and she is hooked on thinking about the environment.
  • Renovation Inspector
    She becomes so interested in the building renovation, she spends as much time as she can in the field exploring, learning, and becoming involved. Her supervisor sees potential in her, and Jacobs trains her to become an architectural field inspector while simultaneously expanding her knowledge in the mechanical, electrical, fire safety, controls, plumbing, and structural trades. She examines more than a thousand blast-resistant windows, architectural additions, and other items, while creating and maintaining all punchlists and logs that track quality control and manage the project.
  • New Building Inspector
    Rachel moves to construction of a new $55 million federal training center in Arlington, Virginia. The activities involved in obtaining LEED certification for one of the facilities drives her to acquire certification as a LEED Green Associate and further her interest in energy and environment. She provides field quality assurance and inspections, as well as manages field office operations, including nearly a thousand requests for information and a hundred contract modifications in less than two years.
  • Project Coordinator
    For a sensitive but unclassified $30 million renovation of a prominent federal office building, Rachel is the primary liaison between the client, the contracting federal department, and the general contractor on all submittals, security, scheduling, outages, contract changes, and quality assurance. The urge to continue advancement propels her to go back to school for a mechanical engineering degree while maintaining a focus on energy and environment.
  • Project Controls Specialist
    Rachel accepts a transfer to Denver, Colorado, where she begins work on a special task force surveying and documenting best practices in program management. She travels worldwide and studies projects across markets, while devoting the remainder of her time as a project controls specialist with the Mobilization and Technology Team. She is intrigued by the corporate side of Jacobs' business outside of the field, and works with multiple projects across the country to customize, implement, train, and provide support on software systems. During this time, she completes much of her class work in mechanical engineering.
  • Project Engineer and Inspector
    A need arises for a project engineer for a $37 million renovation of a federal building in downtown Denver. Rachel moves back to the field and additionally takes on the role of inspector. She tests all systems for fire-life safety, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, controls, data, and blast windows, as well as all architectural items. She continues her class work to obtain a Colorado Professional Engineer License. She is now looking for overseas opportunities in environmental engineering within Jacobs.

Before Shan joined Jacobs twelve years ago, he didn't have a specific career path in mind. But he did have a direction he wanted to take.

"I wanted to work at the front end of creating lasting tangible projects before they become physical reality. I wanted to be at the tip of the spear."

He also loves traveling, not as a tourist walking around taking pictures, but as part of the culture that creates the need for projects. Jacobs has given him the opportunity to appreciate every part of the spear.

  • Grinder
    Connecting the Details: After he learned to see how the parts fit into the whole, he began working more directly with clients to help them clarify their current and future needs, including projects on petrochemical plants, medical facilities, and corporate campuses.

  • Finder
    Seeking New Business: Shan put together his own mentorship program and sold it to his managers. He spent two years under a top Jacobs sales executive and eventually took his mentor's place. He lead a "fourpeat," an almost unheard-of fourth win in a row for a massive federal contract.
  • Binder
    Bringing it Together: In a career twist he didn't expect, he was offered the opportunity to return to his hometown in India and manage infrastructure sales after an acquisition of a new company that doubled the number of Jacobs employees in the region to more than 5,000. In this role, he teaches, learns, and ties the new piece of the business into the rest of the Jacobs global family.
  • Winder
    Taking it Global: Shan has learned the difference between simply having offices around the world and acting as a global company, and he wants to use that knowledge in his next challenge: To wind all the Jacobs world operations into the tip of a global spear for projects that have not yet even been imagined.

Put your career on the move at Jacobs

Go anywhere. Meet a few people who've taken advantage of multiple opportunities to expand their careers at Jacobs.
Daryl  /  Flo  /  Shan  /  Rachel  /  Kelley

We have jobs for you!

With positions at every level, openings in multiple disciplines, expertise in a range of markets and offices around the globe, Jacobs creates an environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive. Our Hot Jobs feature a few current openings by location or discipline with the hope of reaching the qualified, interested persons ready for the next challenge in their career. To view all available jobs, please Apply for a Job

Highways - UK
Highways - Ireland
Water / Wastewater
More hot jobs...


Highways - UK

Location: UK
January 18, 2017
Jacobs has an enviable reputation in the Highways UK consultancy sector as a result of a portfolio of high-profile projects with clients that include the Highways England (HE), Transport Scotland, Welsh Government, National Contractors and numerous local authorities. Our plans to add to this portfolio continue apace regionally and nationally.
Recent projects won include being part of Highways England £1.5 billion Smart Motorways programme that will deliver major improvements in technology, traffic lane and signaling with 10 new Smart Motorways being designed and built across the UK.
Below are links to a current range of opportunities for our Highways teams across the UK:
  Position Location Reference Number
Senior Engineer Birmingham UK 000068
Principal Engineer Birmingham UK 0000PI
Engineer Cardiff UK 0000DW
Highways Technical Director (Structures) Chelmsford EU/000053
Bridge Engineer Croydon EU/00004T
Senior Land Surveyor Exeter EU/0000UN
Senior Engineer - Bridges Glasgow EU/0000XN
Principal Engineer Leeds UK 000030
Senior Engineer Leeds UK 0000IG
Senior Bridges Engineer Leeds EU/0000IX
Highways Structures Senior/Principal CAD BIM Technician Leeds EU/0000HI
Principal Engineer Manchester UK00005H
Senior Engineer Manchester UK 00005V
To view these opportunities and to apply online:

How to Apply
To view our available opportunities and to apply online, see the instructions below.
  1. Click on the requisition number above to be directed to the appropriate job posting or visit https://jacobs.taleo.net/careersection/ex/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en
  2. On the home page, search by one of the requisition numbers above in the Keyword field
  3. Click the search icon to view jobs and apply


Highways - Ireland

Location: Ireland
January 9, 2017
Jacobs is working on a number of Transport Infrastructure Ireland and National Transport Authority schemes, as well working with a large number of local authorities across the country. Our project teams deliver the full range of engineering services to the highways sector, from feasibility and planning through preliminary and detailed design to procurement, construction supervision and operations and maintenance.
A few of our current jobs include:
  Position Location Reference Number
Senior Professional Highways Engineer - Health & Safety and Traffic Management Dublin EU/00009N
Senior Professional Highways Engineer Dublin UK 0000H7
Highways Engineer Dublin UK 0000IN
Principal Highways Engineer Dublin UK 0000H5
Graduate Civil Engineer - Highways Dublin UK 0000DT
To view all jobs in Ireland please click the link below:


Water / Wastewater

Location: Ireland
January 3, 2017
Jacobs in Ireland serves industry sectors including semiconductor, pharmaceutical and biotechnology to infrastructure and buildings. We are expanding our business in growing markets including water & wastewater, transportation, sustainable solutions, energy and rail sectors.
A few of our current jobs include:
  Position Location Reference Number
Graduate Mechanical Engineer- Energy, Waste & Water Dublin EU/0000WG
Graduate Civil Engineer- Energy, Waste & Water Dublin EU/0000WC
Civil Engineer - Energy, Waste & Water Dublin EU/0000W9
Senior Mechanical Engineer - Energy, Waste and Water Dublin EU/0000W8
To view all jobs in Ireland please click the link below:



Locations: Cincinnati, OH; Conshohocken, PA; Indianapolis, IN; Cary, NC, USA
December 12, 2016
Jacobs is seeking engineering and design professionals for jobs serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Positions range from entry to senior opportunities as well as department manager and director level roles in the areas of Mechanical, CQV, Process, Piping, Structural, Control Systems and Project Controls.
To view all jobs for a location, click the respective links below:

We want you to succeed.

Jacobs takes great pride in creating an ethical, safe, and healthy environment where all employees can learn, grow, and thrive, both personally and professionally. We offer a number of opportunities to get started with us, even while still in school; grow into new challenges as you progress; keep your career advancing as you are ready to take on more; and be involved with or potentially lead exciting and innovative projects that help change the world.

Employee networks
Internships & apprenticeships
Graduate opportunities
Training & development
Craft programs

Grow With UsTo support our varied backgrounds, talents, skills, and styles Jacobs offers a number of employee networks to allow people to connect, collaborate, and develop. We believe a diverse workplace energizes people and encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation. 

Offering a variety of events, mentorships, trainings, and collaborative discussions, our employee networks include:

  • Jacobs Future Network - For early career professionals, this group provides professional networking and development of early career skills. The employee-led network helps members see the opportunities available at Jacobs, feel connected to the company and their global colleagues, gain exposure to leaders, and help them shape and fulfill their career aspirations.  
  • Jacobs Next Network - Following the Jacobs Future Network, this group targets employees with 6-10 years of experience and provides the next level for deepening professional networks and leveraging those networks for further career development. Members gain exposure to senior leaders, further explore potential career paths, work on more targeted development, and play a role in advising leaders on how to improve areas of our business.
  • Jacobs Women's Network - Addresses unique challenges women may face in the industry, strengthens connections with women in leadership positions at Jacobs and other companies, and provides a forum for development and exposure to senior leaders in the company.
  • Communities of Practice (CoPs) - Arranged by lines of business, markets, and disciplines, our CoPs offer employees with similar technical backgrounds and skills, a place to meet, connect, and share best practices within their areas. Geared toward collaboration, our CoPs cross industries and geographies to contribute ideas and innovations with peers.

By embracing and appreciating our similarities and our differences, Jacobs networks foster an environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential.

As a student, Jacobs internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships provide you an opportunity to gain real-world, practical experience in your area of expertise, while helping us meet our future leaders and innovators.

Jacobs wants you to gain experience early, grow your skills while still in school, and develop a career with us from the start. We believe you have talent and value that is critical to our growth and success.

Working in a fast-paced, professional setting can give you invaluable experiences applying the knowledge and skills learned through education in a business environment. As an intern you have the opportunity to work alongside and in support of a group of world-class professionals in your chosen field of study. The program's goal is to lead you to full-time employment with us.

Internships and co-op positions vary by location, but in general you can:

  • Work with a mentor who assigns project tasks, offers guidance and answers questions about the industry
  • Work on exciting projects with variety of team members with different backgrounds, experience levels, and technical knowledge
  • Visit construction and job sites to see how our projects come together in the real world
  • Get involved with local professional associations to expand your network
  • Interact with local Jacobs leadership to understand the business side of our work
  • Attend various office-level lunch-and-learns and events
  • Get hands-on experience with the latest professional services design and management software
  • Network with other students – locally, nationally and globally

 Learn more about how others have developed a career with us.

Jacobs believes in investing in our graduates and early career professionals. Graduates are invited to join the Jacobs Future Network, designed to get you started right with your career plans, skills, and long-term development. Our network can help you see the opportunities available at Jacobs, become connected to the company and your global colleagues, gain exposure to leaders, and help shape and fulfill your career aspirations.

The network serves thousands of employees through virtual networking, growth opportunities, and events. Our annual Jacobs Future Weekend events offer participants an opportunity to meet their peers from around the world, meet our senior leaders, develop professional skills through team building exercises, and set goals for the future.

The driving force behind the network are the local Jacobs Future groups, which are led by our members – offering early leadership and management opportunities. Local chapters provide an opportunity for in-person connections; skills training, networking events, mentoring, and social events. We currently have more than 60 local programs around the world, and through the energy, engagement, and enthusiasm of our employees, that number is growing every day.

As your career progresses, Jacobs offers continuing education, training, and advancement. We want you to have a long career with us and we are committed to investing in your future.

Our ongoing development activities are aimed at all levels of our organization and are an important component to your long-term success with us.

At a local level, Jacobs offices and regions provide a variety of learning opportunities ranging from online training modules and hands-on software training, to lunch and learn events, education reimbursement programs, and individual development planning sessions.

Our established programs can help you deepen your understanding of our business approach, as well as enhance your ability to lead, train, and develop others. Courses and growth opportunities include: 

  • Jacobs College - immersion training in Business Leadership, Business Acumen, Project Management, Management Leadership, Relationship Based Sales, Presentation Skills, and others
  • Continuing education classes furthering your technical certifications, accreditations, skills, and knowledge
  • On-the-job project experience
  • Grow your skills workshops
  • Safety workshops
  • Annual business meeting
  • Annual Inclusion conference
  • And a variety of courses covering Jacobs’ culture, values, ethics, and risk management programs
We want you to have a challenging and exciting career at Jacobs. Join us today!

As a craft, trade, or construction and maintenance employee, Jacobs offers you programs designed specifically for a career in the field. We continue to look for ways to help you develop and elevate your skills that will keep you with us until you retire. Jacobs targets the military, local Workforce Investment Boards, unions, and other networks to find skilled and talented craft professionals to help deliver our projects around the world.

Believing that you should “earn while you learn,” Jacobs' on-the-job Craft development programs include:

  • Helper Progression – To prepare you for the journeyman ranks, this initiative trains employees at four levels, including a skills assessments and competency test.
  • Journeyman Progression and Certification – A training program to prepare you for the NCCER Written and Performance Assessment which earns you the industry-recognized NCCER Certified Plus credentials. Read more about Jacobs' Journeyman Certification Program, in the March 2016 issue of the Industrial Projects Report.
  • Welder Development – As a structural welder, you can go through this program to learn new process knowledge, skills, and techniques – ultimately earning a “Golden Arm Welder” status.
  • Leadership Academy – This initiative identifies “high potential” journeymen and through formal training and on-the-job experience, develops them to become construction leaders and can end with site management responsibilities. 

See what opportunities we have available in field services - apply with us today.

Our culture of caring focuses on supporting you as you develop your career with Jacobs. We want you to succeed, have a long and exciting career path, while also having and maintaining a family at home. Jacobs' primary benefits package can help you — and your families — stay healthy, save for their future, and enjoy a balanced work/life schedule.

Specific benefits vary from country to country, but typically include:

  • Flexible work schedules and opportunities to work remotely
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Health benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Paid time off and paid holidays


Search and apply for both staff and craft/trade jobs with Jacobs across all disciplines and markets worldwide. 

Staff jobs:

Craft/Trades jobs:

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