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Urban development shapes the way we live. The places where we live, work, and visit influence our experience and our quality of life.

Thoughtful urban design takes into consideration the local culture, the unique features of the place, natural resources and the needs of all stakeholders to create exciting, yet practical solutions that work for everyone.

We use an integrated delivery approach to guide urban projects through the entire development cycle – from initial concept through implementation – delivering your vision with extraordinary results that benefit the community, the economy and the natural environment.

We take great pride in designing and delivering urban solutions that truly reflect the values and needs of the local people.

Our passion for innovative urban planning, design and delivery shows through in our award-winning designs as well as our long-standing client relationships.

To address the broad spectrum of urban needs, we offer exceptional expertise in strategic planning, master planning and urban design, project development, technology integration and program management and delivery.

  • Program planning, management and delivery
  • Strategic planning – regional and economic
  • Master planning and urban design
  • Project development and structuring
  • Technology evaluation and implementation
  • Infrastructure development and optimization
  • Procurement planning and green supply chain development
  • Urban transport systems development and optimization
  • Road and utilities infrastructure design
  • Sustainability assessment and rating systems (smart cities)
  • Economic development (core jobs) planning and implementation
  • Construction management

Clients & Projects

Consulting & Design

Our award-winning master planning and urban design capabilities can transform your vision into reality – whether urban or rural, recreational or industrial, or an innovative mixed-use sustainable city. We’re changing the way cities think about urban development and regeneration, taking a culturally sensitive approach with sustainability at the heart of our work. We can help you optimize your vision with a focus on operational efficiencies, economic development, liveability, infrastructure improvements and enhancing the well-being of our communities.

Business bay

Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates >

When Dubai Properties decided to create a globally recognized center of commerce in an underused area of Dubai, they partnered with CH2M to create exciting, innovative and practical solutions to complex planning challenges, securing Business Bay’s standing as a visionary city center and leading financial capital of the world.

Longbridge regeneration

Longbridge Regeneration, Birmingham, England

Planned as a new urban center with a strong local identity and distinctive character, our engineers and environmental scientists are helping St. Modwen Properties transform Longbridge into a vibrant community, creating up to 10,000 new jobs, 1,400 new homes and state-of-the-art infrastructure set in a highly sustainable environment.

Shanghai Bund central business district

Shanghai Bund Central Business District, Shanghai, China

Now one of the most attractive urban landscapes in the world, our master planners and urban designers helped regenerate the riverfront Bund into a global economic junction with a high quality of life, diverse economy, multi-cultural environment and an historic and distinctive sense of place.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Forward-thinking determination helped Aldar Properties lay the foundations for transforming this dusty wasteland into a vibrant, livable and sustainable development – improving the quality of people’s lives while helping to secure Abu Dhabi’s position as one of the great city landscapes of the future.


Nagpur Metropolitan Area Development Plan, India

Working in close collaboration with elected officials, government and non-government agencies, subject matter experts and citizens, we're helping the Nagpur Improvement Trust create the blueprint for strategic infrastructure and future development over the next 20 years, transforming Nagpur into an attractive destination with a diverse economy.

Dubai cityscape

Dubai 2020 Urban Development Framework, Dubai

At the time one of the largest urban planning projects in the world, we managed a program to develop a comprehensive roadmap for positioning Dubai as one of the world’s most livable cities and securing its reputation as a regional hub for international business. 

Consulting & Design

We can help you envision, plan and build a new development, or optimize an existing area to transform the way people work, live and play. At the ground level, we offer project development approaches to help you cultivate and fund urban development opportunities. We can also help develop smart city technology solutions – dynamic street lighting, intelligent transportation, smart water management and more – to create connected, competitive communities. To ensure resilient urban systems, our adaptation and mitigation strategies can help you prepare for climate changes – safeguarding your people and infrastructure against sea level rise, storm surges and other catastrophic events.

Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, Bristol, England

Blending cultural heritage, natural beauty, high-tech infrastructure and a bustling mix of communities, this new zone is projected to be a leading center of research and production based on creative industries and digital technology. Our innovative investment strategy and funding framework has helped attract new businesses to the area, with the goal of creating up to 17,000 new jobs over the next 20 to 25 years. 


Greater Cincinnati Water Works, Ohio, Unites States

We're collaborating with the City of Cincinnati to develop sustainable connectivity solutions, using machine-to-machine and smart technologies to identify water quality problems and give Cincinnati and other water utilities the information they need to better manage water supplies.

New York City

New York City Wastewater Resiliency Plan, United States

In a joint venture for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, we identified and quantified climate change and population growth impacts on the city's sewer, drainage and wastewater systems, developing a long-term adaptation and optimization strategy to help ensure a robust water system that can withstand future population and climate changes.

DMIC Smart City

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Smart City Support, India

To promote long-term economic vitality, a cleaner environment and a higher quality of life, India is connecting its capital and financial capital with 24 smart industrial cities along the 921-mile Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. We have contributed to five of the first seven cities planned under this ambitious USD$100 billion infrastructure program, master planning two cities, program managing a third and creating integrated water resource management solutions for another two.

Samalaju industrial park

Samalaju Industrial Park Master Plan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Planning for Sarawak’s rapid growth on the island of Borneo, we’re helping to transform this beautiful, resource-rich area into a sustainable and high-income economy by 2030 to benefit residents, businesses and visitors. 

Program Management

Our flexible program management and delivery approach applies global best practices to every program – setting new delivery precedents, maximizing your return on investment and creating innovative, vibrant and resilient urban systems and communities. By integrating our full-service capabilities in urban environments, transport networks, energy systems, technology infrastructure, buildings, water resources, industrial facilities, environmental restoration and wastewater systems, we can guide your urban project through the entire development cycle – from concept through implementation – delivering your vision with extraordinary results.

Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Smart City

Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Area Smart City, India

As program manager for the first phase of this 21st century smart city, we are helping India advance an industrial revolution – creating new pathways to economic vitality, vibrant urban living and creative reconnection to its golden past.

Port of Sunderland

Port of Sunderland Regeneration Project, Sunderland, England

Using highly imaginative, sustainable solutions, we helped Sunderland City Council develop the master plan and development framework to transform this aging port into a major commercial and industrial park, with the aim of realizing up to 3,000 new jobs and 400 new homes alongside a modern and efficient new port facility.

Anacostia Water Front

Anacostia Waterfront, Washington, D.C., United States >

We’re working alongside the District Department of Transportation on this visionary urban revitalization, providing program management and design services to help deliver a multi-modal transportation portfolio that serves as the spine of the community to connect neighborhoods, visitors and local businesses.

Sinnovate Technology Hub

Sinnovate Technology Hub, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia >

This ambitious new campus for high-tech education and business incubation will help transform Saudi Arabia from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy, driving innovation, global talent and investment.

Masdar City

Masdar City, United Arab Emirates

Relying on renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, carbon-neutral, zero-waste ecology, we helped the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company plan and implement the first phase of this futuristic city, creating a blueprint for sustainable urban development around the world. 

Operations Management

Our dedicated staff members deliver unparalleled services to make sure cities run smoothly and efficiently, managing ongoing city operations and maintenance and providing flexible on-demand personnel, resources, technology and business systems; procurement strategies to enhance your buying power; access to capital and technical expertise; an operations approach that leverages resources and reduces costs; and risk transfer and performance guarantees. 

City of Centennial worker repairs a curb

City Operations for the City of Centennial, Colorado, United States>

In a collaborative partnership to provide efficient and innovative services to the community, CH2M launched Centennial’s Public Works Department – a new city-managed organization that delivers a complete range of services including traffic engineering and operations, permit processing, inspections, administrative services and street and roadside maintenance, including snow removal.

Johns Creek signage

City Operations for Johns Creek, Georgia, United States

Can you create a functioning city in 90 days? This was the challenge faced by the City of Johns Creek, so they tapped CH2M to create an integrated management model that promotes standardization, information sharing and cooperative leadership – laying the foundations for consistent, high-value city operations from the ground up.