Petrochemicals & Chemicals Supplier Pre-Qualification

P&C Supplier Pre-Qualification

Just as Jacobs values key relationships with our clients, it is equally important for Jacobs to have and maintain key relationships with our partner suppliers. We understand the value of partnering with quality providers of fabricated equipment and manufactured products in support of our valued clients and their projects. It is in this vein that Jacobs is developing a pre-qualified Acceptable Supplier List (ASL). This list will consist of various suppliers of fabricated equipment and manufactured products. This ASL will be utilized by procurement in the Petroleum and Chemicals (P&C) line of business when selecting suppliers to provide equipment and commodities for all Jacobs, Procurement, fixed price (EPC) projects in the P&C line of business.

Overview of program

The Jacobs supplier pre-qualification process is designed to assist Jacobs in determining which suppliers have been pre-qualified for specific types of manufactured/fabricated products. Once a supplier has been pre-qualified, they will be placed in the Jacobs ASL and will have visibility in all offices within Jacobs’ P&C line of business. This may afford the pre-qualified supplier extensive opportunities for work within the Jacobs network of P&C offices as well as potential global opportunities within the Jacobs Supplier Hub for other Jacobs lines of business.


Suppliers interested in the pre-qualification process must be registered in the Jacobs Supplier Hub. Once registered in Supplier Hub, you will be able to enter all your company details including the type of fabrication/manufacturing commodities (products) in which your company is interested in being pre-qualified. Once your profile is complete and you have emailed all required documentation to, it will then be evaluated by the Center of Excellence (COE) team. After the evaluation is complete and a determination has been made, the supplier will be contacted personally by a COE team member to discuss the details and requirements of the supplier pre-qualification process. It is the sole decision of Jacobs in selecting suppliers to be considered for pre-qualification.


In order to be processed, the supplier must be in compliance with the following items:

  1. Complete registration in Jacobs Supplier Hub.
  2. Sign and return the Jacobs Supplier Code of Conduct and Attachment “A” form to
  3. Comply with financial requirements as requested and verified by Jacobs after completion of the Commercial Assessment Questionnaire Part I of the Jacobs pre-qualification packet.
  4. Comply with our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) requirements and have a robust HSE program in place. Supplier is required to send their HSE manual and processes along with the questionnaire forms in the Jacobs pre-qualification packet.
  5. Have a robust Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) program in place. Supplier is required to send an uncontrolled copy of their QA/QC manual and processes at the time they return the questionnaire forms in the Jacobs pre-qualification packet.


There are great advantages to being one of Jacobs’ pre-qualified supplier partners. These advantages include:

  1. Pre-qualified suppliers will receive a Letter of Pre-Qualification from Jacobs P&C Americas.
  2. For a period of two (2) years from the time of pre-qualification, pre-qualified suppliers will be placed on the Jacobs ASL for the commodities they provide.
  3. Pre-qualified suppliers will receive a plaque for display that states the supplier has successfully completed the Jacobs pre-qualification process.

If your company is interested in being pre-qualified by Jacobs, please fill out the required information in the form below and a Jacobs supplier pre-qualification representative will contact you with further details and information.

P&C Supplier Pre-Qualification Form

P&C Supplier Pre-Qualification Form

Pre-qualification status is conferred based upon the review of information and observations by Jacobs supplier pre-qualification process and is subject to the provisions of the pre-qualification program and is not a guarantee of future work by Jacobs. No recommendation or endorsement is intended. Questions may be referred to