Comprimo Sulfur Solutions

Proprietary Equipment for Acids Plants

Chemetics has developed proprietary equipment for the acid industry, which can be used individually or in overall plant design. And in the last 30 years, our proprietary equipment options have been recognized as an industry standard.


Our proprietary equipment includes:

  • Anodically protected shell and tube acid coolers
  • Stainless steel converters with or without internal heat exchangers
  • Radial pitch gas-gas heat exchangers
  • Pre-heater gas-gas heat exchangers
  • Drying and absorption acid towers and tanks
  • Acid Tower Trough and Pipe Distributors

Chemetics also introduced the strong acid corrosion resistant steel SARAMET® to the industry. This high silicon austenitic stainless steel has found applications in all areas of strong acid handling and storage, including:

  • Acid distributors – pipe type and trough type
  • Absorption towers and tanks
  • Acid piping
  • Acid filters
  • Acid coolers

Anodically protected shell and tube acid coolers
Chemetics has maintained its technology and market lead for more than 40 years in providing this globally accepted high quality product for cooling strong sulfuric acid, which is based on shell side acid flow, tube side water flow and precisely controlled anodic protection of the tube material with the proprietary ANOTROL® 2000 control system.

Many of Chemetics' acid coolers have remained in continuous service for more than 30 years. All units – which now number in excess of 1600 – are manufactured to extremely high standards of quality control in our fabrication facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. The same principle of anodic protection is also applied to our strong sulfuric acid storage tanks for which we have more than 200 installations.

Stainless steel converters
Chemetics developed a totally new design concept for the SO2 to SO3 catalytic converter, which is the heart of the sulfuric acid plant. Manufactured from high strength, corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel, our patented converter design provides maintenance free service for this major plant equipment item.

Advantages of the design include unimpeded access for catalyst screening, an all welded construction, which ensures no gas bypassing between beds, excellent gas distribution, rapid heat up time and the capability for installing heat exchangers in the central core providing substantial savings in both capital and maintenance costs.

Gas–Gas heat exchangers
Chemetics supplies its patented high efficiency gas–gas heat exchangers for all contact plant duties. The designs feature a radial pitch tube layout and disc and donut baffle arrangement, the combination of which ensures high thermal heat transfer coefficients and low pressure drop.

All units have welded tube to tubesheet joints and 360º freedom of nozzle orientation to facilitate optimum plant layout. Depending on the duty, the units can be supplied in carbon or stainless steel or a combination of both materials.

Chemetics' pre-heat exchanger has many design features which ensure trouble free operation for this particularly arduous duty. These exchangers are mainly incorporated into metallurgical acid plants as a start up heater or as a heat source to compensate for low SO2 conditions.

Drying and absorption towers and tanks
Chemetics' brick lined tower design has been developed over many years resulting in the current design - this provides clients with a high efficiency, low maintenance and low pressure drop drying and absorption system. Design emphasis has been on mechanical integrity lining construction, excellent liquid and gas distribution, and maintenance-free internals.

Chemetics’ SARAMET® acid towers and tanks have been installed in acid plants for more than 25 years. The designs have been continuously improved leading to the present design, which provides a high efficiency, low maintenance and low pressure drop system. The lack of refractory makes metallic towers an attractive choice for all acid plants, but in particular for retrofit applications where minimizing plant down time is critical. Our proprietary designs for the acid distributor, packing support, and gas inlet nozzle have been specifically developed for use in metallic acid towers.