Comprimo Sulfur Solutions

Sodium Chlorate

Early advancements in electrolyzer design have made us a leader in sodium chlorate technology.

Since Chemetics’ introduction of a graphite electrode cell in 1964, we are continuously developing our electrolyzer design and process technology.

With an electrolyzer that offers superior operability, efficiency, and longevity, combined with in-house developments in the chlorate crystal production process, we are leading the industry with our innovations. To date, we have supplied more than 60 plants with a combined production capacity of more than 1,000,000 tons per year.

We also have the skills and experience to retrofit other electrolyzer technologies to improve cell performance and operability, increase capacity, or to customize the design to meet site specific requirements.

Chemetics know-how and specialized computer models allow us to develop an intimate understanding of the sodium chlorate production process, and this expertise is embodied in our chlorate electrolyzers and plants.

Our sodium chlorate technology clients include pulp mills and merchant producers. Some pulp mills manufacture sodium chlorate on-site and often integrate their sodium chlorate plant with a chlorine dioxide plant that we have designed. Merchant facilities, on the other hand, usually operate much larger sodium chlorate plants, with virtually all the chlorate produced as a crystal product. Our technology has been developed to meet the diverse needs of these clients.