Comprimo Sulfur Solutions

Chlorine Dioxide

The Chemetics integrated chlorine dioxide process offers a low cost method of producing chlorine dioxide without the requirement to import, handle and store sodium chlorate crystal, sulphuric acid, or methanol.

By making sodium chlorate in-situ, Chemetics’ process offers a predictable supply on-site, and avoids the dependence on the cyclical chlorate market, while eliminating the costs, uncertainty of price and supply, and difficulties in importing and storing large quantities of sodium chlorate crystal.

The diagram highlights our low-operating cost process for the production of chlorine dioxide without sodium chlorate import. The process simply requires water, chlorine, and electricity – which allows us to offer the lowest cost method to produce chlorine dioxide, with no salt cake for disposal. Our process consists of three plant areas to produce sodium chlorate, hydrochloric acid, and chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide solution is produced by our modern low-chlorine ClO2 generation process, for use in producing ECF grade bleached pulp.

Chemetics integrated chlorine dioxide technology is being used by world class pulp mills as a means to gain a production cost advantage, to balance chlorine/caustic demands at the bleach plant, or to reduce or avoid dependence on an external supply of feedstocks.