Comprimo Sulfur Solutions


Jacobs' Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions provides leading gas treating and sulfur recovery technology. From technology centers located in Leiden, the Netherlands and Calgary, Canada, we provide engineering, procurement and construction services to gas treating and sulfur recovery plants around the world.

Since 1959 we have licensed, engineered, and constructed over 500 plants worldwide and are by far the leading provider of sulfur recovery technology; our current market share is over 40 percent.

Jacobs gained this leading industry position by the acquisition of Comprimo® technologies in 2001 and the integration of sulfur technology into Jacobs' full service offices.

We have spent more than 40 years developing sulfur technologies and gas treating processes and continue to improve our technologies by our research and development facilities. Jacobs is recognized as the number one licensor of sulfur recovery technologies worldwide.

We offer a full suite of sulfur recovery technologies.

The Jacobs' SUPERCLAUS® and EUROCLAUS® technologies are recognized worldwide and surpass all others with sulfur recovery rates of up to 99.5% .

SUPERCLAUS® was first introduced in 1988 and there are now over 190 sulfur recovery units in operation. The largest single train unit currently in operation is 1,200 tons per day. Single location multiple train units have been designed for capacities up to 5,000 tons per day. Global owners that choose SUPERCLAUS® for their operations include Chevron, Shell, BP, Total, Saudi Aramco, Conoco, Indian Oil Corp., Kuwait Petroleum, Exxon, and ADNOC.

The popular EUROCLAUS® technology, first introduced in 2000, achieves sulfur recovery levels up to 99.5%. There are currently 40 units in operation.

Jacobs complements its slate of sulfur solutions by offering Shell’s SCOT technology for sulfur recovery requirements up to and above 99.9%. In fact, Jacobs is the number one licensor of Shell’s SCOT technology. Recently Jacobs implemented the Low Temperature SCOT technology, which is able to achieve high sulfur recoveries while obtaining significant savings in utility consumption and lower total installed cost values compared to the previous SCOT design.

With a depth of industry experience, Jacobs provides design services for all associated "Sulfur Block" technologies, including gas treating, sour water stripping, sulfur recovery, tail gas treating, incineration, sulfur degassing and sulfur handling. Our specialists are also involved in commissioning and startup activities, performance testing, operator training and follow up support and advisory during the operation of the plant.